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How To Answer The “10” Rapid Fire SSB Interview Questions

Let’s go through some of the most asked rapid fire questions and an outline of how to drive them as per your personality.

Rapid fire is the most crucial part of SSB interview. Rapid fire is a bunch of questions that IO asks the candidate in a sequence and expects the candidate to answer them in the same order. If answered correctly, Rapid fire can feel the performance of a candidate. Aspirants find it hard to face rapid fire as they are not aware of the technique of handling it and fail to give a proper response to the questions asked. Firstly, there are some rules to handle in rapid fire questions. 

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  • Remember the questions in sequence
  • Answer in the sequence
  • Don’t skip any question

Trick to handle rapid fire

  • Rapid fire is asked in the sequence as given in PIQ form
  • Provide limited reply to avoid confusion in sequence and answering
  • Make a mind map of questions and follow it

Now let’s go through some of the most asked rapid fire questions and an outline over how to drive them as per your personality.

Tell me something about your city

  • In this question, you have to give some basic points about your city, like a bit history is possible, current architecture, governance, education, tourism placed, etc.

About your family members

  • This question sticks to the details given in the PIQ form. So whatever you write, just memorize it and stay ready for further probing like a field in which father/siblings working, their future plans etc.

Your relations with family and society

  • Generally, this question is asked after asking detailed of family members. Here you have to show your, good relations with family and society. Your contribution and help in day to day task in family and relations with the society like casual time spent, topics of discussion with them, playing any sports with them etc.
  • Tell me something about your education and academics
  • This is also a question that adheres to the info given by you in the PIQ form. So candidate has to reply as per info of PIQ. 

Best teacher/teacher you don’t like

  • This question needs to be handled carefully. When it comes to your favorite teacher, you must say that all teachers are best but you like XYZ because for his closeness with students and his method of deep teaching. There is no concern about any bad teacher.

Friends you like/ don’t like

  • Again, this question is almost same like the question above. Here also you have to say that I have many friends from school college, society but out of them, 3-4 are my best friends who are X,Y, Z. none of my friend has bad qualities and I like all of my friends


Reason behind marks fluctuation from 10th to graduation

  • Most of the students have ups and downs in marks in 10th, 12th and graduation marks. So this question becomes obvious in an interview. That depends on candidate’s marks but generally, candidates should reply that I am an average student and I have worked hard at all these stages. I could have done well, but sir, this is my level. In case candidates have a huge gap in marks, then he must stay prepared with the reason and respective questions from IO.

Sports achievements

  • The candidate must disclose his sports achievements. Some candidates are also there who have either participated in any sports but don’t have any achievements or any even don’t have any participation experience. So in the second case, the candidate can mention any sports he had played in society or school as just for practice. Red alert: candidates must have knowledge about the sports and some basic experience also. So you are required to gather live experience by playing some sports in society or college. 

Extracurricular involvement

  • It is the simplest question in which you have to answer as per your participation and experiences along with any achievement if achieved. Or you will be asked about the event related question depending on situations.

Any special experience in sports or curricular activities

  • Every person some experience in these activities, whether good or bad, but stay alerted from other questions by interviewing officer targeting you.

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