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Meet Flying Officer Atul Prakash, Sword of Honour Air Force Academy

Flying Officer Atul Prakash's accomplishment as the 'Sword of Honour' recipient highlights the caliber of officers the Air Force Academy is producing.

In a remarkable display of dedication and excellence, Flying Officer Atul Prakash from Jind, Haryana, has been declared the ‘Overall Best Cadet’ at the Air Force Academy Dundigal in Telangana.

The prestigious Sword of Honour was bestowed upon him during the combined graduation parade, a testament to his outstanding performance and dedication.

Atul Prakash, an alumnus of Military School Belagav, carries forward a family legacy of military service as a second-generation officer. His journey in the Indian Air Force is marked by distinction, further highlighted by receiving the ‘President’s Plaque’ during the same event.

Flying Officer Atul Prakash 1
The Union Minister for Defence, Shri Rajnath Singh reviews Combined Graduation Parade at Air Force Academy, Dundigal in Telangana on December 17, 2023.

The graduation ceremony was a proud moment for Punjab and Haryana, as four of their individuals were commissioned as Flying Officers in the Indian Air Force. This event not only marked their personal achievements but also their commitment to serving the nation.

The parade was a grand affair with 213 Flight Cadets, including 25 women, graduating from the flying and ground duty branches of the IAF. This event not only showcased their individual achievements but also reflected the diverse and rich talent pool of the Indian Air Force.

Flying Officer Atul Prakash’s accomplishment as the ‘Sword of Honour’ recipient highlights the caliber of officers the Air Force Academy is producing. Alongside his peers, he represents the new face of India’s defense forces – skilled, determined, and ready to serve the nation with honor and pride.

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