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Brigadier Debanuj Dasgupta Takes Charge as Commandant of CMDC and Dental Advisor for South Western Command, Indian Army

Brigadier Dasgupta is the first officer from the Army Dental Corps to have completed the prestigious Higher Defence Management Course (HDMC).

In a notable appointment within the Indian Armed Forces, Brigadier Debanuj Dasgupta has been appointed as the Commandant of the Command Military Dental Centre (CMDC) and Dental Advisor in the South Western Command of the Indian Army. This marks a significant milestone in Brigadier Dasgupta’s illustrious career, underscoring his extensive experience and expertise in military dental services.


An esteemed alumnus of R. Ahmed Dental College, Kolkata, Brigadier Dasgupta has specialized in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery from the Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) in Pune. With a distinguished career spanning 30 years in the Indian Army and Navy, his tenure includes commendable service in various capacities, including participation in United Nations missions. Brigadier Dasgupta’s experiences have equipped him with unique insights and skills, enabling him to lead dental services in challenging and diverse environments.


Remarkably, Brigadier Dasgupta is the first officer from the Army Dental Corps to have completed the prestigious Higher Defence Management Course (HDMC), highlighting his strategic acumen and leadership qualities. His appointment as the Commandant of CMDC and Dental Advisor reflects the Indian Army’s trust in his capabilities to oversee and enhance dental care and services within the South Western Command.

The role of Commandant, CMDC, in the Southern Command is pivotal, as it entails the responsibility of ensuring optimal dental health services for military personnel. Under Brigadier Dasgupta’s stewardship, the CMDC is expected to achieve new heights in excellence, contributing significantly to the overall welfare and readiness of the armed forces. This appointment not only honors Brigadier Dasgupta’s dedication and service but also sets a precedent for the integration of specialized medical expertise in the military’s operational and strategic dimensions.

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