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Indian ArmyMajor Abhinandan Singh, Cracked UPSC 2nd Time In A Row, AIR-549

Major Abhinandan Singh, Cracked UPSC 2nd Time In A Row, AIR-549

Major Abhinandan Singh (Retd), already serving in the Indian Railway Management Services (IRMS), successfully improved his ranking in the 2024 Civil Services Examination to AIR-549, positioning him for a role in the Indian Police Service (IPS).

In a commendable feat of career transition that has captured the admiration of both his peers and the nation, Major Abhinandan Singh, a retired army officer, has successfully improved his rank in the prestigious Civil Services Examination of 2024, securing an All India Rank (AIR) of 549.

With this achievement, Major Singh is expected to join the Indian Police Service (IPS), marking a rare transition from the armed forces to the IPS.

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Major Abhinandan Singh, who originally joined the Indian Railway Management Services (IRMS) after his initial foray into civil services, showcased relentless dedication and perseverance by appearing again in the civil services examination to pursue his ultimate ambition of serving in a higher capacity within civil administration.

From Military to Civil Excellence

Major Abhinandan Singh, aged 30, began his professional journey at the Indian Military Academy in 2014 after being selected through the 19th Service Selection Board (SSB) in Allahabad. His military career in the Corps of Signals was notably impactful, with assignments in critical locations such as Tezpur, Assam and Amritsar, which are known for their strategic importance.

Despite facing a severe career setback due to a training injury that resulted in a permanent limp, Major Singh redirected his unwavering commitment to national service by entering the civil services. His first attempt in 2021 did not yield success, but his persistence paid off in 2022 when he secured an UPSC AIR-749.

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During Passing out parade at Indian Military Academy

A Refined Pursuit of Civil Ambition

Undeterred by his initial accomplishments and driven by a vision to attain even greater efficacy in public service, Major Singh’s subsequent preparation was intensive and focused. He embraced a rigorous study regime, drawing from a variety of preparation materials recommended by previous UPSC toppers and staying updated on current affairs, which eventually led to his improved result in the UPSC 2023 examinations.

Inspiring Future Leaders

Major Abhinandan Singh’s story is not just a personal victory but serves as a profound inspiration for many in the armed forces who aspire to transition into civil roles. His journey underscores the possibilities of adaptable career pathways in public service and highlights the exceptional qualities of leadership and commitment fostered within the military that are also invaluable to civil administration.

As Major Singh prepares to embark on his new role in the IPS, his story will undoubtedly encourage a new generation of service-oriented individuals to pursue their dreams with tenacity and resolve, regardless of the obstacles they may face.

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