Revealed: National Defence Academy [Full Video]

This republic day would be a gift for all young defence aspirants, if you tune into Discovery Channel on 26th Jan 2014 at 9pm, you would watch an exclusive premiere REVEALED: NATIONAL DEFENCE ACADEMY. You can also watch how these young cadets transform into future officers of the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force.

Revealed: National Defence Academy By Discovery Channel

In 1955, soon after World War II, the world’s first tri-services military academy with a campus that spans across 8000 acres was established in Khadakwasla – a region near Pune, India. On January 26th at 9PM Discovery Channel will take you inside this unique institution in ‘REVEALED: National Defense Academy’. The one-hour special charts out the history of military leadership; and explores the journey of young cadets and officers from all three services (Army, Navy and Air-force) through a grueling three-year NDA course.

Revealed: National Defence Academy
Steeped in tradition and lore, find out what it takes to pass out of this prestigious Academy and to come out serving ones nation with courage and pride. The NDA’s alumni have fought and died for India in wars and battles across the globe, always living up to the NDA’s motto of “Service before Self”.

Revealed: National Defence Academy [Full Video] Part 1

Revealed: National Defence Academy [Full Video] Part 2

Revealed: National Defence Academy [Full Video] Part 3

On Sunday, January 26th watch REVEALED: NATIONAL DEFENSE ACADEMY at 9PM, only on Discovery Channel. 
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