Top 7 Defense Manufacturers of India

India is among fastest growing economies, which has surpassed China in the rise of GDP growth. Manufacturing is the field, which has shown a spurt in the last few years. Talking about indigenous manufacturing in the defense field, India is performing better by attracting foreign firms to cooperate with Indian firms. Many Indian firms have their names in the list of defense manufacturing, but some of them have a great record and good output history. The top 5 defense manufacturing firms in India are.

  1. DRDO – It is a governmental agency involved in defense manufacturing. It has produced some of the great weapons for India. It is playing key role in AMCA and LCA projects and has manufactured Nishant and Lakshya and many other UAVs. INSAS and EDK and Pinaka are also produced by DRDO.
  2. HAL – Hindustan Aeronautic Limited is the top defense manufacturer in India. It has a significant history of manufacturing aircrafts, engines, helicopters and related equipment and accessories. MARUT, TEJAS, Su – 30 MKI, LCA, DHRUV, LUA are some of the aircrafts and helicopters manufactured by HAL. It has also manufactured Engine, trainer aircraft and UAVs.
  3. TATA Advanced Systems – Founded in 2007 having it’s headquarter in Hyderabad, it is the branch of TATA that indulges in the manufacturing activities for the security forces of India. It has a joint venture with Lockheed to manufacture C-130 Hercules and C-130 super Hercules. It is also under deals with Pilatus to make structures for Pilatus 15NG. Apart from these, it is also biding for the contract of manufacturing of Unnamed UAVs for Indian Armed Forces.
  4. MAHINDRA – Mahindra, the vehicle manufacturer has also made it to the defense field. The company manufactures armored light vehicles, specialist vehicles, artillery systems and mine protected vehicles. Marksman, Armored Scorpio and Mahindra AXE were displaced by Mahindra in defense expo.
  5. BEL – It is owned by the Indian government and usually manufactures electronics and equipment’s for the Indian army. Its headquarter is in Bangalore. Named in Navaratnas of India, it had manufactured Akaash missile, Radars and equipment’s of Arjun tanks.
  6. ASHOK Layland – A segment of the Hinduja group, Ashok Layland has a good record in defense manufacturing. It has made vehicles for Armed Forces like stallion, Fox, Super Stallion and Rhino. It is one of the trusted defense manufacturer in India.
  7. Kalyani – Kalyani Defense Systems is also one of the best defense manufacturers of India. It has manufactured subsystems and components for Indian Armed Forces like ammunition, tank components, beams, knuckles and transmission parts, etc. recently SAAB and Kalyani group have come into a deal to manufacture air defense systems in India.

Conclusion – Many private sector tech giants have raised their branches in defense manufacturing and last year reliance also registered its name in the list. Defense manufacturing has become crucial for India as there is a deep need of reducing dependency over other nations for weapons and machines and bringing new and advanced technology in India. Many small manufacturing firms are also there in India, but the top ranker are always preferred for the mass manufacturing. Recently India has announced its proposal of inducting 200 aircraft with the condition of manufacturing them with joint venture with any Indian company. These steps will direct the manufacturing to new heights.

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