Cracked SSB Interview 2 Times In 10 Attempts

IF WE BELIVE ON OURSELVES AND WORK HARD TO ACHIEVE  WHAT WE WANT, THE WHOLE WORLD  WILL GET TOGETHER TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN.Hello friends this is Sudipto Chatterjee from Berhampore (Murshidabad),West Bengal and at this point in time when I have made my dream come true I would like to share my experience of a long journey of 7 years comprising 10 SSB attempts and I hope this would help you all in  believing that our dedication and hardwork will never betray us.

Belonging to an Army background it was a dream for me to be an army officer. Did schooling from APS Mathura Cantt, Ambala Cantt, Kandrori and Bengdubi and from KV Berhampore. So, that was 2011 when I first went to SSB Allahabad after my 10+2 and having quite a knowledge regarding the procedure gained from different books I was quite confident but got screened out. After that, I got screened out for 3 more attempts and getting screened in became the ultimate aim.So, I just prepared from books and the internet I got screened in on my 5th attempt(later got conference out) and was thinking myself to be fortunate after getting screened in.3 more attempts later and I got S/0 once and C/O twice. It’s already been 8 attempts and my desire for that + chest no. was still not fulfilled.

A new journey starts here. I came to know about TARGET SSB INTERVIEW  run by  Rajpal Singh Rathore sir who organizes SSB workshops at Gurgaon. Though I was following him on facebook from past 1 year I finally decided to attend the workshop. The way he taught and the way he made me correct the flaws I made in my past 8 attempts explain the real role of a teacher in life.He is no less than a family member.

Current Affairs questions will be from last 5-7 months (for AFCAT, NDA, CDS, TA)

On my 9th attempt on May 28th  I went to 20 SSB Bhopal after clearing CDS  for SSC(NT)-106th course. I got screened in and I was pretty confident about all the tests. Remained positive about the responses I made, the psychology test was good.Being chest no. 1 my interview was scheduled just after the psychology test.The interview went for about 1hour 15 minutes and I made the interviewer smile when I entered the room and also when my interviewer was over. Being a smiling person with the interviewer is all that they want.The GTO tasks were also very good. Participated in all PGT, HGT, FGT, GPE etc. 4 days gone and next day is our conference.They made me wait for 15 minutes before entering the room and BANG.. bombardment of technical, personal and general affairs question that went for 15 minutes.I was not expecting anything because of my previous 8 attempts and was cracking jokes and discussing going home.Jokes apart, I was serious and praying to God to make that situation happen of wearing the + chest no.The officer came with results and after giving the motivational speech he said only 3 of us got recommended. I realized my chance is very less and I was looking on the backside to check who could be those lucky 3. The 1st chest no. he announced was… CHEST NO.1.(other two were chest no.2 and  8) I was like….Dream turning real and The God blessing.(CAN’T EXPLAIN THOSE MAGICAL moments PROPERLY, Apologies for that )I visualized the face of my parents and realized I made them proud, they would feel happy for me.That was what I was looking for since childhood and I got it.I can not explain that situation. I stood up and was into tears.I forgot my roll no. on that very moment. But, those were unforgettable  When I called my father I started crying and told him that their beliefs and blessings made me realize my dream.I called Rajpal sir and told him that what he did to me.I realized the worth of continuous learning and putting the best even if we fail.All that I learn and the experience that I gathered didn’t go in vain.ssb candidate

Very next day, our medical started and continued for 5 days.I was declared medically fit.

On this August 7th  I again went to 34SSB Allahabad for TGC-126 where I was free of tension.Being previously recommended I didn’t have any fear of not getting recommended. Did well in psychology and the interview went on for only 20-25 miutes. In GTO, the officer made the Command Task quite tough, though it was easy he made several changes during the task making the difficulty level to 9/10 from 5/10. In the interview, the officer was not totally satisfied with some of the answers so he asked me to prepare those and he will ask me in the conference. During conference, they asked those questions and that went for about 5 minutes. So, out of 155 candidates, only 26 of them screened in.When the officer came with the results and asked us to be ready with roll no. and name. The first chest no. he called was chest no. 17 and yes, that chest no.was me, SUDIPTO CHATTERJEE.. only 1 guy was recommended from that batch and that was me. 2nd recommendation in my bag. I was again declared medically fit.

I would like to thank my Maa, Baba and all my family members for their love, blessings and the proper upbringing that allowed me to be the best.I would also like to thank all my friends who believed in me and continued encouraging me ever since I started my journey.And yes, Rajpal sir you are the reason that I followed the proper path and never made mistakes after getting the mentorship from you.GURU HO TO AAPKE JAISA HO WARNA NA HO.

I will join the prestigious OFFICERS’ TRAINING ACADEMY this October and will shift to the elite INDIAN MILITARY ACADEMY by January 2018 after the declaration of merit lists.

ALL 10 ATTEMPTS FOR ARMY,5 S/0,3 C/O AND 2 recommendations in a row. What can I expect more than this?

Only one thing that I want to say to all the defense aspirants that have faith on the selection process and continue putting the efforts to achieve what u want.U will realize the miracle happening.

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