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What Are Top 15 OLQs – Officer Like Qualities

Know all the Officer Like Qualities and know how to imbibe them in your personality.

When we talk about top officer like qualities [OLQs], that mean a few qualities that officer must have, some of the qualities can be gained with our day to day experiences and learning.

Few qualities are not easy to gain within a short period of time and some can be improved in a short span. One must keep these qualities in mind and perform accordingly to shop them during ssb interview testing.


The 15 OLQs Officer Like Qualities

  • Effective Intelligence
  • Reasoning Ability
  • Organizing ability
  • Power of Expression
  • Social Adaptability
  • Co-operation
  • Sense of Responsibility
  • Initiative
  • Self Confidence
  • Quickness of Decision
  • Ability to influence
  • Liveliness
  • Determination
  • Courage
  • Stamina

Earlier I have written an article about How to improve your personality through various tips not referring to any OLQ’s. Here we shall discuss how we can develop each of these OLQ’s in ourselves.  

  1. Effective Intelligence: It requires practical approach to life. Try to solve every problem yourself without waiting for anyone. By doing so, you can have such practical intelligence that you can find solution for everything.
  2. Reasoning Ability: Here you must be able to find a reason for everything. It also refers to your ability to solve various complex situations. Here Practice pays a lot.
  3. Organizing ability: You can develop this quality by taking part in various competitions like drama, skits etc. Try to volunteer yourself for stage decorations etc. In home too, try to have an organized lifestyle.
  4. Power of Expression: This needs a lot of Practice. You may know everything, but poor communication skill ruins your chances. So try to improve your speaking skills that too in an organized manner prioritizing the matter. Such an approach is essential to luster your performance in SSB and even in other interviews too. Here you must improve your language too. You must be able to speak in lucid, refined English. Regular practice is essential to have a good pronunciation and speaking skills. Try to talk in English wherever possible. Speak with men who have good speaking skills, have a Good Dictionary and of course listen to English news and songs.
  5. Social Adaptability: This requires your hearty co-operation. Try to meet and speak with people. Try to shed your shyness. Try to make friendships with the unknown (not with anti-socials) . Always try to initiate talk with someone. Be ready to sacrifice your personal comforts for the interest of the group. Try to be an active participant in all the activities of the school, college or organization you belong to.
  6. Co-operation: Here too follow the above instructions. But here you must be ready to associate with an un known person. Try to be sociable and adaptive .No leg pulling is a must.
  7. Sense of Responsibility: You must be ever ready to accept responsibilities. SSB is not a place for irresponsible idiots. You must be cheerful and must be ever ready to fulfill your assignment at any costs even at school, NCC or even at Army ( For service personnel).
  8. Initiative: Always take an initiative for everything. Give an effective leadership by taking an initiative. Then you will be amazed to find that people will start to follow like a mice following pied piper. Always SSB wants a person who is ever ready to take an initiative and try to fulfill that assignment. Initiative is the most essential quality of a Leader.
  9. Self Confidence: Self-confidence is most essential for success. Believe in yourself, your skills. Believe that nothing can ever stop you from achieving your goal. But remember there is just a Hair pin distance between over confidence and confidence. Over confidence will ruin you. But have confidence in yourself and undertake every task assigned to you. Taking part in competitions would certainly increase your confidence level.
  10. Quickness of Decision: A field commander must be able to take quick decisions at a short notice. You must be able to take a quick, effective decision at the right time. Playing games like Rapid Chess improves your decision making abilities. Playing strategy games or military games like Call of Duty etc. would certainly decrease your decision making time. But you must have a good foresight too. Try to think of the demerits and merits before doing anything. Then you will make a perfect decision.
  11. Ability to influence: This needs a robust personality. You must be able to invoke inspiration in everyone because of your personality. You may read my former article about personality to improve your personality. Remember all great leaders owned inspiring personalities.
  12. Liveliness: Always be active and cheerful. No one likes a lazy person. Remember an idle mind is devil’s workshop ( pls never misinterpreted it ideal mind J). Try to be an active participant in all activities (only nice activities J).
  13. Determination: Here you may need to read a lot. Because reading the biographies of several brave patriots would certainly invoke great determination in you. Remember determination is the keystone of success. Determination can also be cultivated by taking part in competitions.
  14. Courage: This is the inborn quality of an individual .But it can easily be cultivated. You must not be afraid of anything in the world (Pls not exceed this fearlessness to accidents, personal safety). Genuine courage can be cultivated through determination and confidence. Go ahead, nothing can stop you. Whenever you feel fear, just remember the courage of our heroes like Lt. Saurabh Kalia, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Netaji, Vakkom Abdul Khadar, Vikram Batra etc. Always keep in mind that a brave dies only once while a coward dies many times in his life.
  15. Stamina: This is the OLQ which SSB grants certain concessions. But however you must maintain yourself fit and strong by doing regular exercises, playing out door games etc. Try to develop strong biceps and hip muscles which will be helpful in SSB.
The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.
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  1. Sir,
    I’m Army NCC cadet of (63 UP Bn, Lucknow University) and just cleared NCC ‘C’ Certificate with ‘AYE’ grade.

    From Lucknow University I am perusing BBA & will passout in Yr 2022.

    Please guide me how to proceed for NCC Special entry for Army :
    1. Am I to appear for any written test (like CDS).
    2. What preparations I have to start from today to prepare myself for SSB e.q. Physical preparations, interview, OLQ etc etc
    3. So many coaching centers are in my city, is coaching is really required for cracking SSB.

    Your wise guidance will boost my morale.

    Pankhuri Pandey
    NCC Cadet
    Lucknow, UP

  2. Hi sir
    I think I am little emotional weak as many a times in family on different issues I aspects that they will ask me my opinion but but they not and it’s hurt me and even later when I just and they aspects from me than I connect my negative self and integrated self as Either I be myself or what contrary as wife openion as non coprated and even many a time mom emotional burst and yet I managed and even feel to express myself and aspects younger brother talked mine but neither wife and nor brother take initiative so than I balanced self and talked later while time permits me and even mom inclined towards younger brother. It’s disturbs me a lot and even my wife too so how to consistent over ssb as a 16 yr service personnel for pcsl. However I think to be more adoptive and take help of yoga and gratitude and think these ssb skilled we are gifted by Army and own interests reading so balanced self and have least aspects to them and hanslo fairly and keep in mind to place self before them and be a winner. Your comments and feedback required please

  3. can anyone please tell me that tattoo is strictly not allowed in this job because i have one (1-inch) tattoo is in my right neck.

  4. respected sir, i want to ask that in ssb there is no forgive of any fault.i preparing for nda..i have very gramatical mistake in english when i speaked..pls say samething sir..

  5. Nobody knows why he was selected or rejected. The SSB brings out the qualities required for the armed forces from within the candidates without their knowing about it. The crux is, be natural and shun artificiality and pre-conceived knowledge as provided by the SSB-training institutes. There are so many factors and combinations in application that a candidate is unable to fathom….and this is where being natural brings success. Best of luck to all.



  8. can i get selected if i am going for ssb 5th time.. to day one navy commander told me that ssb officers dont select if one failed in ssb for more than 2 times. that officer was part of ssb banglore few years back

    • Hi Nilabh,

      Here is your answer : Paramveer Chakra vijeta, Captain Vikram Batra (from 1999 Kargil war). He failed in conference 8 times and got recommended in his 9th attempt.

      I believe it’s just officer like qualities a board looks for. When you have those, you get through without an effort.

      Good luck.

  9. i am a repeater…i was conference out all the three times…..
    in my last ssb i was called first for the command task and given a very difficult obstacle to be bridged….
    in the conference i was asked to compare my performance with the last one.
    finally i was not recommended……..
    can anyone tell…wat would ve gone wrong?

  10. Dear sir,
    I had given my SSB for NDA at allahabad. I was conference out. My conference went on for 15-20 mins where my I.O. asked me some 10 -15 situations in rapid fire manner. I am still unable to find out what sort of quality I lacked there because I answered all there situations in my natural behavior.
    Kindly Help


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