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Situation Reaction Test For Women


There is much difference in men and women psychology, these difference may produce different answers during psychological tests in SSB interview. So, the test series comes for women are different from what comes for men. This post consists of such  situations which comes during situation reaction test [SRT] in women’s entry.


SRT for Women Entry:  

1. Her boss is the man of throwing his weight about. One day while working in the office, he bitterly shouts at her for no fault of her own, in front of her male juniors, which she felt heavily embarrassed and awkward.  She will…
2. You are already having splitting headache in a day and taking rest.  While your neighbor enjoying his party, turned the speaker towards your window creating a loud noise, which adds to your agony. You will…
3. While enjoying a circus show, she sees that 2 tigers come out from the cage and jump into the crowd. She will…
4. Your hostel roommate daily comes late at night and starts hearing loud pop music while you are in deep study, which you feel disturbing and disgusting.  You will…
5. The day she was about to return from expiry of leave to her Defence unit, all of a sudden her mother developed heart attack and became very serious.  She will…
6. You developed some misunderstanding with a jawan of your unit, resultantly other jawans working under you refused to co-operate in your task.  You will…
7. In a Defence unit you are only the woman. In the late evening you feel isolated / lonely and unsecured. You will…
8. Your husband is a software Engineer and arranges you a lucrative job in his company after a great difficulty and tells you to resign your Defence job which will lead to live together always and happy life forever. You will…
9. Your in-laws are always teasing you, which your husband also support their views and the situation has become unbearable. You feel to be separated from the house.  You will…
10. You are awakened in the mid of night by the shrinks of ladies.  You get up and come out of your house.  Then you see three persons coming out of the house of your neighbor and running away.  You know your neighbor is away on tour. You..

You can post your responses in the comment box below.

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  1. admin sir, plz rate my answers nd provide me feedback..
    1) She will ask him the reasn when her boss will be cool.
    2)Go to the neighbour nd request him to lower the volume as i hav headache.
    3) if their is any kid or helpless in her reach, she will take her then run away from their.
    4)tell her to use ear piece.
    5)take her to hospital, inform unit for delay. meanwhile call father or sibblng. on their arrival i will leave for duty.
    6)I will call that jawan, clear misunderstanding. then we will work again as a team.
    7) i will enjoy with my batchmates.
    8)convince him that its y dream and ensure that after 14 years of defence, i will join whatever he says.
    9)talk to husband alone and make him understand my points.
    10)Call the police, shout for calling neighbours, then go to the house with others to help ladies.

  2. 1.explain the boss about no fault of mine next day.
    2.request them to lower the volume, close the window, sleep.
    3.guide people towards exit, request them not to panic and cooperate the authorities.
    4.Ask her to listen music on headphones.
    5.call 2IC/CO of unit , explain the situation, extend the leaves, return home, takes a good care of mother.
    6.talk to him personally, sort out the differences, motivate others to co-operate as a team.
    7.be friends with the co-officers, be a part of their group, enjoy evenings with them.
    8.persuade him as it is her dream job, continue the job with his support.
    9.make husband understand my points, ask to co-operate with me.
    10.call the police, go to the neighbour, be with her until police completes its formalities.

  3. 1. she will explain her boss what had really happened and there is no fault with her.
    2. i will make my friend understand and at the extream i will leave the place without disturbing his enjoyment.
    3. the first thing is she will clear the crowd and then the tigers will be controlled by the authorities.
    4. i will make her understand my suituation and convince her not to do that
    5. as duty is much more concerned she will call the doctor and a friend to take care of her mother and she will be concentrating in her duty.
    6. i will prove the other jawans what mistake does that particular jawan does and make them to take a correct decision.
    7. i will take with me some safety precautions and with a confidence in myself that i can manage anything, i will move on to my place.
    8. i won’t resign my defence job as i love it and on the other hand being in defence it is like to serve for our country but being in software job is a kind of selfishness. i won’t resign the defence job. it is cent percent sure.
    9. i will tell to my husband what problem i am suffering and make him to understand my feelings.. i will tell him to in a kind manner to move out of home.
    10. i will inform the police about this and i will try to catch the ladies with the help of the members in my family..

  4. 1. explain her boss that she was not at fault once he cools down.
    2. convinces her her neighbour to turn down the volume.
    3. ask the audience to vacate their seats and help the circus authourities to tranquilize the tiger.
    4. discuss the the situation with her and convince her not to do so.
    5. immediately call the doctor home, calls the defence unit, explaining the situation, ask for extension of leave.
    6. clear the misunderstanding and carry out the task with their full cooperation.
    7. make friends my male colleagues and spend the evenings in their company.
    8. convince him of my passion for the defence services and continue my defence job with his support.
    9. persuade my husband to support me and sort out the differences with in-laws.
    10. call the police and inform the neighbour as well.

    Please evaluate.


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