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Do’s & Don’t Of All Psychological Tests In SSB Interview

Give your first reactions to the stimulus shown to you. Don't think twice as there is no right and no wrong answers to the situations and everyone is likely to respond in his own unique ways.

Psychological test plays a vital role in SSB interview. Most of the candidates are unable to clear this test during their psychological testing in the SSB interview. It is a battery of tests like TAT, WAT, SRT, and self-description test. All tests are important and candidates are suggested to follow some dos and don’ts for all psychological tests like PPDT, TAT, WAT, SRT.

Do’s in all Psychological Tests

  • Listen and adhere to the instructions carefully and properly.
  • Clarify all doubts you have before the commencement of each test.
  • Be as imaginative and spontaneous as possible.
  • Give your first reactions to the stimulus shown to you. Don’t think twice as there is no right and no wrong answers to the situations and everyone is likely to respond in his own unique ways.
  •  Write your responses clearly, in a simple language.
  • While writing responses your ideas must revolve around the situations or stimulus given to you.
  • Be realistic and logical in your responses.
  • Be attentive and alert and keep a track of time.

Don’ts in all Psychological Tests

  • Do not use coached/tutored ideas while responding to psychological test battery.
  • Do not be unduly anxious. Keep yourself calm and relaxed.
  • Do not hesitate on seeing the actual problem shown to you.
  • Do not create mental sets about pictures during the run up to the SSB as it may restrict your spontaneity and creative imagination.
  • Do not wear watch or look out for time, you may end up wasting your valuable time.

Battery of Psychological Test

  1. TAT
  2. WAT
  3. SRT
  4. Self Description 
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  1. Sir, my communcation skill is weak, and i cant speak fluent english which lowers my confidence level, can i mention this weakness in SD. I Know its a big weakness, but i can assure the IO that m working hard on it…
    sir pls reply…thanx

  2. hello sir i am a fresher from mumbai and my ssb is on 21oct bhopal for 10+2 btech entry. i haven’t had any kind of preparation tutorials. sir would you please guide me through with my preparations? what kind of necessary steps should i follow and what should i study? thank you.

  3. sir, while applying for the afcat online there was a technical problem with the website and it was accepting only the mechanical engg option since i was short of time i applied under the ssc ae (m) category while i am a civil engineer now that i have been shortlisted for afsb what should i do to solve this issue please help me in this regard so as what can be done

    • no problems just go for your AFSB with full confidence. there will be a document check again, after screening before Psych. then everything will be clear out. they will put you in category, for which you are eligible for according to documents. DONT LOOSE HEART PREPARE HARD.. ALL THE VERY BEST

  4. sir i’ve been conference out twice now..and the last one i felt i really shld hve got selected…dunno were i was lacking..even my gto went quite gud as in ct i was given a tough task..which i even completed..even ntrview went very well…pls tel me wer do u think im lacking…was i a border case..in conferencethey also asked me wat different i did this time than last time..hw do i improve sir..im goin again to the same board on 9th oct..my last afsb was on 17th se0..pls help sir ..

    • Guess you need good practice in Psychology, you may feel that whatever you have written is correct but you may not be getting good marks in Psych. As usual Psych tests are important, no matter how good you perform in other two, you have to clear psych.

    • Psych. is a major issue do prepare for it. But also, just analyse your Body language during GT and PI because some times it may happen we are technically correct. but our body language is not coordinated well. BE HUMBLE,SUPPORTIVE,UNDERSTANDING. show these qualities in your gestures expressions i.e., in your body language. ALL THE VERY BEST

    • Mr Girish, u may be confident but if u will be panic like u shown in ur query and ur frequest request for reply says thst u lack patience, like while we are made to stand in a que to get the platform ticket ticket we shows the hurry but dont care for the person who is already in que and may be frustrated more than us. and if we force our intension to show that we are doing xlent and good in all bt are not selected shows we are trying to over power the Psychologist, the are talents and we can not hide anything, conference out says that you posses all the desirable quality but at some or frequent conditions u shows the extra talend, over smartness or the reaction goes out of limits. a defence officer is nither a Hitlor, a Sadaam Hussain but a gentleman, he lead like a hero, extend the support like a servant, struggle like a helpless, but at end he reach to a satisfactory decision, with no regrets, no backlogs, and with sound emotions, and seems satisfied, his best quality is to digest even a evil if needed and keep the longest patience is required.

    • See Girish it doesn’t matter how good you performed in all the tests, what really matters is the continuety and similarity in the 3 tests. If you pretend what you are not in psychological test you are never going to be selected though you did excellent in the other two.
      Be yourself in all the tests because in that case there will be similarity.
      Remember, the SSB people are to assess you not the person whom you are trying to potray because you can potray someone in psychological tests and in IO, but in GTO its you who have to perform. They are watching just 35% of the OLQs and they are ready to ignore the other 65%.
      So, don’t always try making evrything +ve try to be realistic and be who you are.

    • I won’t say that your coaching was not good because screening is a toughest part and many good candidates gets out.

      Next, as you said, you went without preparation, its shows that you were not confident enough during screening.

      You can face any questions in PI, no matter which stream you are from, but most important questions are personal questions which tells about your personality. So know yourself first, you can not ask others what you should say in ” about yourself”, prepare your own answers.

      Helping others doesn’t matter, leader also helps his followers. What matters is leadership skills during tasks.

    • thank you sir.i meant to say that what things should we include in about yourself part ? should we mention our qualifications and family description or positive /negative traits ?

  5. sir I would like to ask you that should we use adjectives like brilliant or diligent in Picture Perception and description test or should they be portrayed indirectly ? why is the picture hazy ?
    I have done BE in information technology .I am applying for the technical branch in Indian Air Force. what questions will they ask me ? do they ask questions on physics ? how should i prepare for them as there are many subjects in information technology ?

    and when they ask tell me something about yourself ,how should i introduce myself ?
    sir i recently left a coaching were the teacher who is a colonel was saying that in group tasks you should only become a leader and you should not help others like a soldier. is that true ?

    sir i was out in the screening and i went there without any preparation.kindly,give me tips on how to write a good story and how to clear the group discussion test ?

    • Jihu, You don’t need to use any adjective. Your story and how u solve problems and what step u take..all these things show brilliancy , intelligency bravery and all. just do work step wise and execute plan logically. And Keep yourself as a leader in picture and try to solve out problem for permanently. and show group work. and PI will ask u general question related to your branch. U have done B.tech with IT, so they may ask you ques related to Computer upgradation, how to procedure works and abt OS, and all..don’t go in detail. but understand the things what we use in our daily routine life.

      Take Time and think about yourself. who u r now, if u ever made mistake in past dont bother abt that coz u r now turning yourself as a good human being and officer, and so think who u r now. and have officer attitude. give answer with maturity. n confidently..coz no1 is perfect, but we officers do work perfectly in our own way. so you know bettr about yourself.

      You r in a grp, you shud influence grp, you give logical idea to accomplish your target. dont just stand and follow them. Participate in work to achieve target. but listen and all cooperate and accomplish target with team. coz u r there for team.

      Dear, Just see picture as a whole and think end first and theme then start writing.you wil make a good story which contain courae, responsibilty, social. and Just GIve your ideas to others..and try to make them hear you.. and try to take grp to conclude common story. that’s not easy but We are officer so Lage Rho, Dont give up.:) All the best.:)

    • hey thanks a ton!!
      please rate my tat story..suggest for improvements:
      a boy is sitting with a violin kept in front of him:

      soham was a graduate in mechanical engineering & lived in bhopal .he hailed from a lower middle class family.one night as he and his family were traveling in a taxi,it collided with a speeding truck.In this severe accident ,he lost his parents .he and his 2 siblings survived but unfortunately soham’s legs got paralyzed.he was grief stricken & pondered over how he will cater to the needs of his siblings.then he came across his old violin .since he was passionate about music he started practicing it daily.he read books and magazines on famous violinist & invented new tunes.later he & his friends started a coaching for students.he taught them violin.these children got motivated by him & there was a significant improvement in their grades.soham’s talent grabbed the attention of many .with the overwhelming response ,he also started a club for motivating diseased & handicapped people to not to loose hope in the time of distress.he trained them for communication skills & personality development.gradually,soham & his friends were awarded a cash prize worth 10 lakhs by the mayor of bhopal for their contribution to the society.soham was also offered for a job In BHEL which solved his financial problems.sohan still continues to train handicapped & poor people.

    • thanks himanshu.you gave an excellent reply.It solved my queries.i wish you all the best for your ssb too.you can discuss your queries ,i’ll be glad to help you.

    • Yes, anything is possible, but its depends on your preparation and confidence. One can pass SSB without coaching but can not pass without preparation.

      So, coaching is a good way to brush up your skills and getting practice before SSB.


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