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2000 Situation Reaction Test with Best Answers

We have recently posted Situation Reaction Tests and WAT in our SSBCrack Facebook page, by the way if you haven’t joined our FB page, then you can do so here. Believe me it is the most happening SSB Interview Page in Facebook. So lets me do not digress from the actual topic.
So we use to post some tests for SSB aspirants time to time. Like we have posted few SRTs and WAT series in Facebook page and got overwhelming response from aspirants. Now few candidates are asking to post the solution or say the perfect answer for the Situation Reaction Test which had been posted till date.

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Now, I am posting those Situations and the best possible answers given by other aspirants. Please note that there can be more better answers so I suggest you to post them in comment box once you are done with the reading.

Situation Reaction Test with Answers

  • You are in train & lost your purse with money. You…… ???
    • I will use the money which i kept safely in my luggage for emergency situation…and will file an FIR later, or
  •  In his train compartment, two gunmen force passengers to give their belongings. He……???
    • Those gunmen are nothing but RPF jawans checking up as a part of security.
  • You Got a Marriage Proposal from a Sexually Harassed Girl who is struggling For Justice?
    • I will politely let her know that I have gf and I am already committed to her and help her as much as i can in her fight against injustice.
  • You received an urgent order from your commander. But you feel that order passed on to you is wrong. You…..??
    • Trust on your commander order and obey.
  • You were standing in a ticket queue. There 2 persons with gun came from last and ask you to give them space .You ______?
    • They are police men for security. I would cooperate with them.
  • You went to bathroom. Saw a king cobra .No Stick nearby. Door closed? You ______?
    • Put the towel on it and quickly open the door and escape, inform others. Or
    • Invert the bucket on it to lock it. Inform others.
  • You are moving across the road on a scooter when you observe that two boys on a bike snatch a lady’s gold chain and ride away. You would …….??
    • I’ll follow them..note the no. then contact the police..Or
    • Follow them quickly, catch hold of them and retrieve the chain to return.
  • You find that the person whom you call your friend has been cheating you. What would you do ?
    • Let him realize his mistake n then make him feel guilty in his own eyes.
  • You are living in the college hostel. The dal served to you in the mess has a lot of stones. What would you do ?
    • Inform the mess maintenance department.
  • While travelling in a train, you notice a man from the coach behind yours fall off the train. You would……?
    • Pull the chain and inform the guard.
  • He has some other plans in life but his parents are forcing him to join Indian Defence Services. He….?
    • Sticks to his plan, makes his parents proud one day with his success.
These are the situations of SRT with some good answers, yes there can be more better answers and we want you to share them with us. Do comment your answers in the comment box below.
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    • If you had that much time to discuss ,it should not be urgent so, following order of commander may be right at that time.

  1. You received an urgent order from your commander. But you feel that order passed on to you is wrong. You…..??
    Hi admin, i am very confused to answer this question. If i say — trust my commander and obey his order..!! Is it correct bcoz is it that always our commander is correct, if the subordinate knows something about the target and his commander doesnt know then isnt it duty of subordinate to discuss with his commander and then take final order?? Commander is not google or supercomputer that he will always be 100% right..? To err is human..!! Sometimes, There are very experienced JCO’s under command of very young and non experienced commanders. I hope u are understanding my doubt..!!

    • I agree with you here , but here due to the command chain the appropriate answer should be to express your views politely and thereafter follow the command.

    • I will not down cdr order in my notpad. And I will complet my task when finish. Politely I ask to cdr that I have done my task which is given you.

  2. its not positive thinking, its called wishful thinking, Don’t write these answers in ssb, it will definitely going to land you into the category of not recommended candidates.

  3. sir…the answer to fourth situation may be – i’ll go to the commander nd i’ll be able to convince him if i am right nd if he proves me wrong,i’ll follow the order

  4. are these answers acceptable and will help us as positivity and resposiblity of a good citizen must be shown during the test …

  5. not really convinced with 2 and 5 SRT.. 2 could be i will silently go behind one of the armed man and quickly cover his face with a bed sheet hit him hard , snatch the gun and force him to surrender

    • Now you have perceived gunmen as dacoit or thieves, which is perfectly all right because you can perceive anything you want.

      But, Now when you are talking about overpowering one gunman which you can do or not that is again depends on your own capabilities.

      What is the guarantee that another gunman won’t shoot on your face ???

  6. 1. reach the destination and ask my friend or any acquaintance for loan
    promising him to return back soon after reaching my home and file an FIR

    2. immediately dailed 100 and informed the fact.

    3. politely tell her that I am already married.

    4. trust my commander and obey his order.

    5. leave that place and inform police immediately.

    6. escape by opening the door and inform others.

    7. ride after them and note down the bike number and inform the police immediately.

    8. Sit and have a word with each other about the cause of his action and make him realise his mistake.

    9. Inform the food quality incharge.

    10. pull the chain and inform all and the guard.

    11. confidently convince his parents and pursue his plans.

  7. Hi Admin,
    I am not convinced with few answers.
    In some of the answers, candidate has assume that it’s a different situation.
    for ex.
    * I dint lose it. It is in my bag,
    * Those gunmen are nothing but RPF jawans

    Can you please justify, is it a correct approach for us?

    • See the difference in thinking:

      You are in train & lost your purse with money- I dint lose it. It is in my bag

      You are in a crowded place & lost your purse with money- I use money kept in another pocket for emergency.

      It is difficult to loose a purse in a train because you are sitting there, it might got misplaced and if you search it then you can find it. It depends on person to person how they think.

      Now coming to RPF jawans,

      as soon as your mind traced gunmen you started thinking of bad situation. Haven’t you saw any security guard during tickets in fairs, matches etc. How come some bad guy come openly and ask you for a side. Why will he ask you to give some space if he is their to do something bad.

      You tell me in your real life situations which one is most likely to happen and you might have faced also:
      1 ) Gunmen near ticket queue was a RPF, Police, guard etc.
      2) Gunmen near a ticket queue was a terrorist, thief, bad person etc

      Now again this is my thinking but that doesn’t mean everyone thinks in the sameway These answers are picked up based on real life thinking and possibility with probability.

        • Yes you are suppose to make possible assumption as per your day to day experience. Haven’t you faced any gunmen in crowed place, was he a bad person ? Its depends of your perception and that comes from your life experiences.

      • Admin- in case of gunmen in train asking for belongings- surely can not be RPF jawans,, because they will not ask for belongings.

        possible solution can be- quietly we will go to next compartment contact the Original RPF guards & inform them about the gunmens & will help them in nabbing the gunmens.

        • In a train if someone ask for your belongings do you think there will be no panic in others. Everyone will start shouting and running here and there. RPF will automatically come to know.

          But, how can you be sure that the gunman is a bad person, can’t he be a RPF jawan doing a security check ?

          So, its all depends on your perception and that why they say, no answer is wrong 🙂

          • Think Of this way – They were RPF jawans They had a threat call that there might be someone carrying illegal substance so they were asking everyone to give their belonging for a routine check-up

      • Admin- please clarify –

        1. How can we reply that i have not
        lost my purse, when SRT Is given to u (candidate) saying u, and u r
        saying in this way – u means u not i. and in ssb maximum SRT you se
        start hoti h.

        if SRT is there, if u r going on road and one accident happens. You…

        Then according to admin reply should be… “YOU ARE GOING ON THE ROAD NOT ME, AND I WILL KEEP ON DOING WHATEVER I M DOING.

      • Hi Abhishek I’m Dishesh.

        So as per u we can take the situation softly. We can think other than it seems harder.

        Don’t the assessors take our reaction as going away from situation.



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