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Situation Reaction Test for Women

SRT or Situation Reaction Test is a part of the Psychological Testing Series. In this test you are given 60 situations and you have to write reactions on them, within 30 minutes. So roughly you get 30 seconds for each situation.

Just like TAT, in SRT also the reaction which women give is slightly different from men. Secondly just like pictures in TAT are different for women and women oriented pictures are shown in TAT to ladies, similarly the situations given for women may also differ. Also women are expected to give realistic reactions, not the one’s which look impractical and far from reality.
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Tips for our Lady Candidates to approach SRT

  • Give the most practical reaction you could give.
  • Write the reaction sticking closely to what you actually feel, don’t try to show over courage.
  • Women are indeed courageous, no doubt about that but when it comes to control an uncontrolled animal, you don’t have to control it, you simply have to help other people to be safe and inform the authorities, they’ll take care of the animal.
  • Hence when in a situation it is given like a tiger gets uncontrolled in a circus and is coming towards the crowd or you see a snake in a cinema hall, all you have to do is to help others to safely exit and also inform the authorities.
  • When a situation is telling you to go out late, you have to remember that in the reaction you’ll first write, ‘inform parents’.
  • In situations where you are going out with friends or out of station or late night group studies, you have to mention ‘take parents’ permission’.
  • There will be situations in which a chain snatcher or a thief will take away somebody’s thing and run, either in a moving train (where he’ll jump out of the train) or at a deserted place, you have to keep in mind that you don’t have to run behind the snatcher in a moving train or you don’t have to get down of the train in the deserted place.
  • All you have to do in above situations is to inform the railway authority and help the victim in all possible manners.
  • In case of any crime scene don’t run behind the accused that is having a weapon. You have to identify the accused, inform the police and cooperate in investigation.
  • If you see a car taking a child/girl forcefully then don’t go and fight with them, not down the car’s number, inform police and help in investigation.
  • If you are going somewhere and you lose all your all your belongings then you must inform the police and also at home to family.
  • In situations where you are having any differences with any relationship or person of your life then you must talk to them and sort out the matter with logic.
  • There could be situations where you are asked to choose between defense and other job (which will be easier for you & family), then without any doubt you have to choose defense because that is your passion and that is the reason you are here.

Bottom line:

Remember you have write the full action in short, and your reaction should be complete, don’t use the word ‘try to’ or ‘I will try to’ instead write ‘I will do____’ in any situation. You can do well in this test if you keep open your brain and use logic. Also practice sample situations provided on SSBCrack.
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