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Word Association Test 500 Original Words

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Word Association Test (WAT) is apparently the toughest among the battery of psychological tests in SSB interview. The difficulty level is more because the time limit given for each word is just 15 secs. We are suppose to think and write a sentence based on the word shown to us. If you go without practice, you may feel some difficulty to write good sentences. You may also miss out few words or mess up with the serial number of words. But, if you go with proper practice, it will be very easy for you to write good sentences without missing or writing bad sentences.

Here we are providing you original words being shown during Word Association Test at various SSB like Allahabad, Bhopal, Bangalore, Varanasi, Dehradun, Mysore etc. This list covers almost 95% of words gets display during WAT. Being a repeater you must have observed that SSB do not change Word Association Test (WAT) words and most of the words are similar to what you have faced earlier. So, if you practice all these words, it will be easy for you to crack word association test without facing any problem.

Download WAT Solved eBooks

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How to prepare for WAT

  1. Download the file
  2. Practice 60 words daily.
  3. Note down your sentences somewhere.
  4. Analyse your response and try to improve it.
  5. Keep practicing

Some Sample Words of WAT

1 Easy
2 Ahead
3 Sacrifice
4 Happy
5 Discussion
6 Satisfaction
7 Encourage
8 System
9 Quick
10 Comfort
11 Judge
12 Women
13 Desire
14 Bold
15 Brave
16 Defeat

Download WAT Pack of 500 Words

Hope this will help you to master Word Association Test. You can write your responses in the comment box below.

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  1. The test conducted by Maths teacher was easy as all students practiced.
    Indian is always ahead due to its resources planning.
    Sacrifices of the men are awarded.
    Travelling leads to happiness.
    The PM discussed about Sahaj Yojna in Man Ki Baat.
    Reading daily gives mental satisfaction.
    India encourages FDI.
    India has a systematic approach of dealing with neighbors.
    Quick reflexes bring greater results.
    We are living in comfort because of Defence Forces.
    The Judgement Day is a beautiful painting by Leonardo Da Vinci.
    Women are growing independent.
    Youngsters have desire to join Indian Army.
    The bold steps by Indian government curbed the disease.
    Brave-hearted survive long.
    Soldiers never accept defeat.


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