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Parachute Regiment, Paratroopers of Indian Army


The Parachute Regiment is the elite main Special Forces/airborne regiment of the Indian Army. The parachute regiment consisting of PARA and PARA (SF) battalions is the elite volunteer force of the Indian Army. Because of its specified role, the regiment needs to be kept at optimum level of operational efficiency and physical fitness. Towards this end, this specially selected manpower should be comparatively young, physically fit and mentally robust, intelligent, innovative and highly motivated so as to successfully accomplish the assigned operational tasks.

  • Regiment’s Centre: Bangalore with the training establishment at Agra. Recruit training is imparted at Bangalore whereas Para training is imparted at Agra.
  • Regimental Insignia: An open parachute with wings spread out and a dagger placed upright, between the wings. The other badge, shown on the right, is used by the four Parachute (Special Forces) Battalions.
  • Motto: Shatrujeet (The Conqueror).
    Parachute Regiment, Paratroopers of Indian Army

Parachute Regiment Manning policy

Pre-Commission: Volunteer GCs from IMA/OTA will be commissioned at the scale of two officers per battalion per year. These officers will be allotted a parent regiment by MS Branch.
Post Commission: Officers from all Arms and Services can volunteer for the Parachute Regiment subject to them having less than five years’ service on the day they volunteer, being in medical category SHAPE-I and being graded`EXCELLENT’ in BPET. These officers will retain their affiliated to their Regiment/Corps (as parent regiment).
As recognition of its distinguished service, the regiment was presented its new colours by the President on 06 October 1967. The regiment’s first post-independence battle was when 2 Para was dropped near Tangail in Bangladesh on 11 December 1971 and was also the first unit of the Indian Army to enter Dacca. The 9 and 10 Para Commandos proved their mettle in 1971 by conducting lighting raids in Mandhol (across Munawar Tawi) and in Chachro (Sind) respectively. The regiment took active part in Operation Vijay (Liberation of Goa) in 1961 and in Operation Pawan (Sri Lanka) with nearly 80% of the Regiment deployed in the Island in 1987-89. The 3 Para and 6 Para conducted operations in aid of the Government of Maldives in 1988 under Operation Cactus.
The Parachute Regiment has, in addition to their participation in other countries, formed part of the United Nation Operations in Gaza and Korea. Today, the regiment is perhaps the only one in the Indian Army to have taken part in every theatre and every operation in and outside the country. All bandsmen of the regiment are parachute-trained as well. The Para Commando battalions of the Regiment have been re-designated as Parachute (Special Forces) battalions. On 01 February 1996, the 21 Maratha Light Infantry joined the Regiment designated as 21 Parachute (Special Forces) and was raised by Colonel V.B. Shinde. In 2001, the 2 Para was re-designated as the 2 Para (SF) which makes it the fifth Para Commando battalion in the Indian Army. The second recipient of the Ashoka Chakra is Paratrooper Sanjog Chhetri of 9 Para.
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