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PsychologySelf DescriptionSelf Description and SSB Interview

Self Description and SSB Interview

Self-description is nothing but a presentation of one’s personality and mind. If a person knows himself well, he’ll perform better on the test.

Self-description is the last test in psychology after TAT, WAT, and SRT. This test aims to find the personality of the candidate and to crosscheck the candidate’s responses in WAT, TAT, and SRT. The response sheet of self-description is also sent to the interviewer. The interviewer will cross-examine the candidate’s reply with his personality. It is very important to perform well in self-description as it will increase your chances in the interview and eventually in recommendations.

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How to prepare for Self-description

Self-description is nothing but a presentation of one’s personality and mind. If a person knows himself well, he’ll perform better on the test.

Self Discription and Interview

Questions to be asked in self-description

What kind of person you are?


Write about your strength and weaknesses

Write about your parents?


What your parents say about you?

Write about your friends?


What your friends say about you?

Write about your teachers/ Employer?


What your teachers /employer say about you?

Q1- Write about your strengths and weaknesses?

Ans – The most important thing for a personality test to be remembered is one should have a good introspection of his/her personality to know and understand your strength and weakness much better. But when it comes to written make sure that you write only those strengths which are most comparable to officers like qualities. Think of how your personality will help you in your job. Now coming to weaknesses, mention only those weaknesses that you are working on and never write those weaknesses that can affect your selection. If you are a kind of person who works on his weaknesses, its fine, but if you are a procrastinate type, who overlook his weaknesses and says to work on his weakness but never does, then either work on it or otherwise don’t write it. Try to talk to your parents, friends, and teachers and find out more about your weaknesses and make them in your strength.

For example– In my case, one of person in my friends said in his interview that one of his strength is he always choose his friends because he believes that if he choose his friends wisely he’ll don’t get into bad company and will be successful. Which interprets him as opportunist, unfriendly, selfish.

Q2- Write about your friends’ strengths and weaknesses?

Ans– Now if you’ve friends you must have like them for most of their qualities and dislike them for their mistake, try to write as many positive qualities of your friends. To elaborate more, you can give examples – How they helped in winning your battles of personal failures to convert them into success? Why do you like them? How you help them in achieving their aims. I would suggest that if you think that you are friendly in nature then you must remember names of all the people in your group and their likes and dislikes. Give examples how you help during their problem, during their ups and downs.

I hope this article will help you in understanding interview self-description much better.

Best of luck!

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