Some Facts about Indian Army

We have collected some facts about India army which every defence aspirants must know. To every man upon this earth, Death comes sooner or later. And how can a man die better Facing fearful odds For the ashes of his father And the temple of his Gods” -Macaulay.

  1. Indian Army ranks third in word. The first two positions are occupied by US and Chinese Army. Also, Indian Army has 960,000 reserves which make Indian Army the world’s largest volunteer Army.
  2. Param Veer Chakra is the highest military award in India. Only 21 people have received this prestigious award till now, with Major Som Nath Sharma being the first recipient and Captain Vikram Batra being the latest one. Fourteen of the awards were given posthumously.
  3. Unlike any other institution in India, there is no reservation for any one on any basis. Everyone is judged on the basis of their qualification and their merit.
    lady officers in Indian army
  4. Indian Army Day is celebrated every year on 15th of January.
  5. There are 7 Gorkha Regiments serving in the Indian Army. Six regiments were transferred from the British Indian Army, while one was formed after independence.
  6. In the war of 1971, India engaged enemies on two fronts, West and East. Indian Army was so effective that it was able to liberate a country Bangladesh. It only took Indian Army a time span of 13 days for that task. It also installed a democratic government in that country which functions till this date.
  7. Indian army fought 11 wars and bravely emerged victorious in all the wars except one. Indian Army faced defeat against the PLA( People Liberation Army) of China in 1962. Although this failure was not due to any lack in the Indian Army, but it was due to the wrong decisions made by the central government. Though Indian Army lacked a lot of support from the center, it still left a lasting impression on the Chinese Army.
  8. The Indian Army Para Commandoes are among the best in the world and are feared by all kinds of oppositions. They have successfully completed a lot many of operations in and outside of India. They are extremely secretive.
  9. The Special Operation Forces of India include: Para Commandoes, Special Frontier Force, Ghatak Force, Force One, Marine Commandoes, Guard Commando Force, 51 Special Action Group, National Security Guards, Special Protection Group, COBRA.
  10. Assam Rifles, formed in 1835 is the oldest paramilitary force in India.

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