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Word Association Test

Word Association Test is a test that is conducted under the Psychological testing series. This test is conducted for the candidates who have successfully passed the screening test.  This test is very important as it reflects the way you think and brings out your personality.

In this test, the candidates are shown 60 words, one after the other and are expected to make sentences using those words. Your sentence can make use of any form of the word. For example, if the word is run, then your sentence can use any form of the word run as run, ran, running, etc. For every word, a time of around 15 seconds are given after which, the next word is shown. You have to see the word and write a sentence within those thirty seconds. As you are bound by time, so you cannot mask your original responses. Hence, practice is highly required for that test. The difficulty of the words is not very high. Remember, the test is to test your personality and your behavior, not your vocabulary. However, you need to have a good vocabulary, as it helps in the other parts of the interview.
Things to avoid during Word Association Test:
  1. Don’t ever make negative sentences. Always make a sentence that is positive in the meaning, even when there is a word which conveys a negative sense. For example: the word disturb conveys a negative meaning in itself. One should not make sentences like ‘ Ram disturbed his sister ‘ or any such negative sentence. You should make positive sentence like ‘Nothing disturbs the brave’ and other such sentences which are positive. Some examples for you to practice are: cannot, confuse, bad, cry, defeat, fearful, exploitation, bluff, lonely, Untouchability etc.
  2. Do not use ‘I’. Use of such words should be avoided. For example: for the word friend, don’t make sentence like I am very Friendly or I have many friends. Instead, you should make sentences like, one must choose friends carefully, or friends are trustworthy, etc. Excess use of ‘I’ canreflect that the person is self-centered which leaves a negative impact.
  3. Don’t use famous Idioms or phrases. For example: for the word spoil, try not to write famous lines like ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’. But make simple sentences like freedom without restriction spoils a child. Use of such famous lines shows your lack of imagination and thinking capacity.
  4. Also one should avoid sentences that are preaching or very bookish. Also negative sentences should be highly avoided.
  5. Positive sentences should be written. The sentences should always be written in legitimate handwriting. As time is short, so you have to write fast. Practicing only would help in that scenario.
  6. Do not write sentences for words whose meaning is not clear to you. Remember, you do not have to necessarily attempt all the words. Try to attempt near fifty to fifty-five words. You must attempt more than forty-five words.
  7. Write sentences which are based on facts and recent happenings. For example: for the word bomb, you can write that ‘City of Mumbai has faced several bomb blasts in the past’.
  8. The famous saying goes as ‘Honesty is the best policy’. Well, in this case you have to be honest and write sentences which come to your mind first. Although, in fifteen seconds you cannot mask your natural responses. So, practice as much as you can. Start by collecting words for the Word Association Test from the internet. Next make sentences based on them in the given fifteen seconds of time limit. After you have done it for sixty words, check your response thoroughly and try to see any mistake that you might have made. While practicing again, make sure you do not repeat those mistakes again.
    Word Association Test
Some examples to practice are:
  • Consider
  • Rose
  • Create
  • Brain
  • Ability
  • Academy
  • Faith
  • Fellow
  • Leader
  • Attach
  • Axe
  • Kill
  • Infantry
  • Defence
  • High
  • Cheer
  • Faith
  • Donor.
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