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MedicalMy Air Force Medicals Experience

My Air Force Medicals Experience

Hello folks….I already shared my AFSB experience with you. As I said in that experience, the date given to me was 6th January 2014. I was supposed to report on the given date at AFCME (Air Force Central Medical Establishment), Subroto Park, New Delhi.

Special request: If you just need to know medical standards, then go for http://dgcamedicals.in/IAFMedstd.htm. If you wanna know my experience then only read further. Otherwise don’t waste your precious time, just click http://dgcamedicals.in/IAFMedstd.htmand get the standards.
Before going for the medicals, I was having many questions in my mind. The first and foremost was about eyesight. I am having myopia with lenses of -1.50 in both the eyes. Hence I was a bit tensed about the criteria of eyesight. I searched a lot on the internet about all the stuff at medicals but was unsuccessful. At that time only I decided that I will definitely share my experience after medicals. So that the people will be able to know about the happenings there at AFCME. The second question was about different tests which gonna take place there. Those I will be telling you in short, as per my memory help me.
Guys, in fact my story becomes a bit lengthy because I could not clear the medicals in one attempt. It was the Appeal Medical Board who gave me clean cheat. Let me start my story……..
I started my journey on 4th Jan 14 form my place to BDTS(Bandra Terminus, Mumbai) and from there to NZM(Hajrat Nizamuddin). My train was late. Hence it was obvious that I was not on time. The time of reporting was 0730hrs. I reached Subroto Park by 0830hrs. the officer shouted at me at the reception itself and then asked the reason for being late. I replied politely and then he allowed me to go in. I went to the room where documentation was going on. I saw the faces there and started thinking about the characters present there. (Afterwards all those Namuneys became my friends….J)
So…. As usual the briefing started. The officer instructed and we filled a set of form accordingly. Then we were asked to go to waiting room. And we went there.
Now I will briefly explain the tests and the happening there at our stay on the subsequent days:
First day:
Our height and weight measurement was taken. We have a standard ration for the same and we need to have our height and weight accordingly. Everyone was looking at each other’s face and a glance at Chennai Express sir (The guy who was taking our readings, we used to call him in fun). Everyone was worried about the weight so was I. when I stood there on the machine, it displayed 50 kg and that’s it. I was damn sure that I’m gonna be declared underweight. Anyways, then we were taken to the Officer’s mess in the same campus. We were allotted rooms there. We were in all nine people. Me, Sayyam Ghadhok, Apoorv Sharma, Sohail Hajarika, Abhinandan Singh, Pankaj Singh Dafauti, Abhishek Thakur, Abhishek Lal(The lone Pilot), Vaibhav Mishra were staying there. Other some people were having their own arrangements. The first day ended with a long discussion in the night.
Second Day:
The next day, we were asked to be ready by 0730hrs as to catch the bus for AFCME. We can even go by walk but the word from officer was to be ready on the bus stop and so we were there. That too, empty stomach and having the breakfast parcel in our bags. We went to AFCME and the series of tests started. There were following tests:
  1. Audiometry test: In this test, we are asked to sit in a room with a headset for our ear and we need to respond for the beep sound from the headset. It is an easy test. Just need to concentrate.
  2. Blood and Urine test: no need to explain. I think, the people who are under/overweight need to give the blood twice. One normally. And the other after drinking the glucose water.
  3. Ultrasound test*
  4. X-ray Test: The candidates applying for flying branch have their full body X-Ray. Others have only chest X-ray.
  5. Surgical Test: This I cannot explain in detail. But in this knock knees and flat foot are checked along with other important body parts.
That’s all I can remember about the second day. Then we were asked to have breakfast. After having breakfast, we went outside to roam around. We visited India gate. We had a great experience of running ahead of bus just to catch it from the stop. (Delhi me buses stop k sivay kahi pe rukti hi nahi..)
Third Day:
It was the final day of the medicals. We had following tests:
  1. Dental test
  2. Eye test: In this test, your eyes are checked with your specs (if at all) on. You are also tested for the colour-blindness. They check colour-blindness by showing you a book with some numbers. It’s an easy test.

That’s it that is all I can remember. Then we were given the travelling allowances. And we were asked to leave the officers mess. Thus we finished our medicals in the afternoon of 8th January. In the conference, five people were given TR (Temporary rejection). I was one of them. All were on the ground of weights only. We were given some forms to fill and a MRO (Military Receivable Order). This MRO made me suffer a lot. J

Now, as I was declared unfit on the ground of weight, I was supposed to go for appeal medical board. To appeal against the decision of AFCME we need to feel the application and pay Rs. 40/- in the form of MRO. Then I got the AMB date as 7th February. But I got it changed to 21st February. Now I started gaining weight. By doing many things I somehow managed to gain around 6kg. Then I went to AMB Delhi on the given date. Again after the documents formalities, they took us to Base Hospital, Delhi. There I was declared fit.
Hence, now yesterday only I got the letter of being medically fit to join IAF. Feeling blessed. J
With lots of love and wishes,
Devendra R Chaudhari
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 About Author: Devendra Chaudhari: A final year B.Tech. Student. Pursuing degree in IT branch at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University Lonere-Raigad (MS). Applied for UES-14 and cleared AFSB in first attempt.
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