Recent Lecturette Topics April 2014

On completion of HGT the GTO will conduct the task called lecturette. Each member of your group will deliver a three minutes informal talk on a topic selected by candidate from the set of topics offered separately to each candidate. Given below are the recent lecturette topics we have gathered from aspirants. You may also comment any if you have.

  1.  BPO
  2. Efficient Public Transport Options.
  3. Cultural degradation
  4. My most favorite book.
  5. Happiest moment of my life.
  6. AIDS
  7. Nuclear Family
  8. Parent Child relationship
  9. Interlinking of rivers
  10. Space research in India
  11. India’s mission to moon
  12. Infrastructure problems in India
  13. What Indian Economy needs?
  14. Balanced diet
  15. UNO’s role in modern scenario
  16. Iraq problems.
  17. Afghanistan War
  18. Brain Drain from India
  19. Euthanasia
  20. Capital Punishment
  21. Women Security issues.
  22. Indo-China Relations.
  23. General Elections
  24. Corruption
  25. Naxalism
  26. War against terrorism
  27. SAARC
  28. Human Cloning
  29. Happiest day of my life
  30. Indo-Pak border issues
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  1. Deepak R

    · Permalink

    Judicial activism
    Influence of cinema on youth
    These were topics that i got.

  2. Abhinav Dixit

    · Permalink

    1. Indo-Mynmar Relations
    2. Zero Error Syndrome
    3. Corporal punishment in schoool
    4. Energy Resource Management
    5. Disaster Management

    these topics i got

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