Got Recommended For Indian Coast Guard (Pilot) In 6th Attempt

It is not how hard you hit , it is all about how hard you can stand against all odds. I started my journey in 2010 with NDA entry, being from civilian background .I didn’t knew much about defence forces and my parents told me to go and enjoy like an outing after board exams. It was my first attempt and I was conference out  from Allahabad . Those 5 days really changed the way I live. It made me realize what I want to be in life. And by the end of my final engineering year my dream was to earn the dress and live my dream of becoming a pilot.
During the year 2014, I was consecutively screened out 2 times from AFSB Varanasi in March and TGC-119 Allahabad in May  and conference out from Bhopal  for SSC(T)-43 in June. But I never gave up.
I did self-introspection and analyzed my mistakes and worked on it.
From my weight to my daily routine , I changed everything for  my dream .Because defence  forces is all about discipline and planning and organization, If you don’t  make yourself  fit into it, then how will you showcase your truthfulness of joining the forces in your SSB test. It was my first time for Indian Coast Guard.


As compared to screening in SSB of Army, Navy and Indian Air Force, It was slight different regarding your OIR test.
Part-1: Speed test in which you will be shown letters , numbers on the screen for 4-5 seconds and you have to mark your answer in next 3-4 seconds as per the options given.
Eg.1) WWWWVVBBGGVVFFFSSS ( displayed for 4 seconds)
The no. of V’s are:-
a)4          b)5         c)2          d)9         e)8         f)7    ( displayed for 3 seconds and you have to mark your answer in the square boxes by making a tick on it )
Eg 2) no. shown is 123211 (for 4 seconds)
Options are
a) 123211             b) 103211             c) 122211             d) 123311             e) 123212      f) 923211 (same way for 3 seconds)

The Test is all about your reflexes and once you enjoy it , you will surely crack it. AFTER this speed test , many students were screened out and the next Part of PSB was PPDT (similar like in screening of Army ,Navy and Indian air force)

Got Recommended For Indian Coast Guard (Pilot) In 6th Attempt
PART-2: Listen to the instructions carefully and write the story in the given time frame.
Now after writing the story (PP) , we were called for DT (narration and group discussion)
TIP=utilize your time in between PP and DT by self practicing of what you have written so that you could narrate properly without hesitation.
I listened to every person who was narrating the story and stored few best one into my mind for discussion. When my turn came for narration, I narrated it with full confidence, smile on face involving each and every candidate of the group.
For discussion I talked about   a common cause related to stories of many candidates with the positive concept and participated 2-3 times . It helped me a lot and I concluded the story  with everyone supporting the conclusion.

7 out of 20 were selected for FSB (final selection board) , which would take place after a month .So you get plenty of time to prepare for it .

Recommended For Indian Coast Guard


FSB=Psychology +Interview + GTO ( no ground task )

Note– GTO includes your lecturette, Group Planning and two Group discussions.
My FSB was on 24th August 2014,Noida Delhi. We were called for documentation on this day. It was a batch of 60 students with all entries GD, TECH and PILOT clubbed together.
(note-option was given to either stay at ICG noida , or you can make your own arrangements outsides, though I was from Delhi only, So I preferred daily up down process.)
With a fresh mind early morning, we had to report by 7:30 am. Then we were taken for the test. Which includes your TAT, WAT, and SRT AND SD.?
TIPS-just relate the stories with your everyday experiences from your school life, college life and your office life. Because in that case you don’t have to remember each and every word, you will able to write the original one with a flow of your true expression.
I did WAT 58, left out two and I remembered the two I left.( thinking it might be asked in the interview)
I did 33 SRT, Note– your SRT should be completed, it doesn’t matter how much you attempt. But it must be logical and organized one.
TIPS-Just relate everything with your real life experiences, write positive things and relate your WAT with your PIQ(sports,school,college,office).
SD- we were told to write on 5 things in our self description, what these people in your life think about you.

After our Psychological test few had their interview and GTO on the same day while I had my GTO on the 3rd day.

Topic for GD:-
GD-1= how to make India a superpower by making string ties with US or china or Russia
                India relation with Pakistan. (Our group went for the first one)
GD-2= Health problems in children are due to eating habits, parental pressure or social media .
In the group discussion, the trick I used was to include the facts, speak 3-4 times and be logical and support and listen to everyone. It really helped me a lot in both of my group discussions.
SOURCES-Newspaper, Internet and Radio AIR news( everyday 106.4 at 8:30pm-9:30pm) , were my key secrets which helped me a lot in my GD. Make notes  in separate copy related to sports, infrastructure, science and  development ,relationship with other nations and latest news.
TIP- To be an officer you have to be different from the group, Basic things is given by all but the real figures and logical words are given by an officer only. So utilize the sources very well. And give out logical words and be specific.
In radio everyday an issue is discussed about (like Ganga action plan, RTI, FDI and many more) by experts and you can easily relate those concepts in your GD.
Group planning was good and everyone was given chance to participate.
Lecturette  the topics given to me were
  • ARTICLE 370

And before lecturette we were told to give introduction about ourselves, school, hobbies and why you want to join Indian Coast Guard. I spoke on Organ Trade and took the idea from newspaper article of organ transplant registry concept by our government .I exceeded the time limit and didn’t heard second bell and then apologized for my mistake. After our GTO was over, some had their interview on the same day while mine was scheduled for the next day .I was the last person to be interviewed in our batch and it was just before the conference.

My interview was taken by DIG of Indian coast guard; it took place for about 35-40mins.
I entered the room with a smile on my face, greeted the sir and then the real battle began.
Questions were related to my PIQ .
Rapid fires regarding school to college life were asked.
Questions were
  1. What is your daily routine?
  2. Tell me about your school from 9 standards onwards, the subjects you had, your hobbies and then your college life and any extracurricular activities you participated in both your school and college.
  3. Things your friends like in you.
  4. Why you want to join Indian coast guard as a pilot though being from engineering background, you can also opt for technical entry.
  5. Qualities your friends want you to improve.
  6. Do you agree that there are no. of engineering college being open every day, does it affects the technical knowledge of the students.
  7. Do you read novels/newspaper?
  8. Tell me about your training you had in your college life (mentioned in PIQ)
  9. When did you join the company you are working at, what is your role and how you utilize your free time?
  10. How did you prepared for the SSB this time.

TIP-Answer each question logically ,keep smiling ,be calm and work on your voice ,be clear and specific. What I did was I worked in front of the mirror in my room, worked on my voice and asked questions to myself and answered it with the same body language that I did during my SSB interview.

I had to wait for a long time before I was called in for the conference .Then again same questions were put upon me that were asked in my interview.
  1. Why you want to come for pilot entry
  2. What is the meaning of your name?
  3. How many friends you made
  4. And the one specific one was rate your 3 test of FSB (psychology, interview and GTO) I said sir interview 1st, psychology 2nd and GTO 3rd. Then he asked me why GTO 3rd. I said sir I did a mistake of exceeding my time limit in my lecturette and it shouldn’t have been done.

Accepting your mistakes is officer like quality and it neither makes you small. Then after the conference the results were declared and 6 made it to medical out of 60 and I was the only person to get recommend in my group of 10 candidates. At the end I would like to say is never give up for your dream, learn from your mistakes and do well. Officer never gives up I sincerely thank SSBCrack website which guided me a lot with so much material to work upon and would also like to thank my parents and friends for believing in me and supporting me during each step of my life. I  wish everyone all the very best and give your best.

 About Chirag Luthra: I have got recommended for Indian Coast Guard in my 6th attempt. Here I am sharing my views on PSB and FSB interview.

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