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Why Fauj is the Best Career Option

If you are an adventure loving soul, who loves to visit places and is extremely outgoing, then my friend fauj is the ideal career option for you. If you join defence then not only you get a great opportunity to explore places, but also a challenging career which requires your best at every moment. Every defence personnel is ready and in their best form all the time. Not only a great career for you, but a safe career as well, not safe in terms of life but for your family and job security. Let us what are the things which make defence one of the best career options:

Why Fauj is the Best Career Option

  1. Job Security: One thing which you look forward to, when you search for a job is job security. Defence provides excellent job security. It is central government job, needless to say anything else.
  2. Challenging, every moment: Being in defence means facing a new challenge everyday. The postings which you get might be anywhere from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Sikkim to Rajasthan. The kind of job you do provides you with a different challenge everyday.
  3. Adventure High: With the challenging postings you get, you’ll become an adventure freak by default. Road trips and adventure sport will come naturally to you and you’d probably be ready with your vehicle to go to a new place every now and then. The job itself will become an adventure if you’re posted on the borders!
    Indian Army Adventure
  4. Sports and sports all around: You can play any and every sport you want. As an officer, you’ll probably be in-charge for some or the other sports team in you unit, and you’ll get a chance to play as well. Not only sports you’ll get a chance to do many other cultural activities.
    Indian Army Sports
  5. Family Safety: No matter where you are posted, you’ll family will get accommodation at a safe place. Not only that, your children will be entitled for education. They’ll never suffer the plight of transfer, will get a school immediately in the new place. You’ll get insurance benefits too. These are just a few benefits from the huge list!
    Indian Army Family
  6. Excellent Social Circle: Being in fauj will help you get the awesomest of people. You’ll know too many, and too good people, with every transfer you get. Not only that they’ll be like your extended family and neither you nor your family will ever have a problem in mixing up at a new place. You’ll be welcomed with warm hearts and superb food, anywhere you go.
    Modi with Indian Army
  7. Respect, uniform and the pride it brings: Defence personnel’s are highly respected in the society. The uniform brings an additional sense of pride and honor. You can never forget that you are serving for the country.
    Why Fauj is the Best Career Option

There is never a dull moment when you are working in the forces. The above mentioned reasons are just a few of the many reasons why defence is the best career option. So tighten your seat belts and put yourself thoroughly in the preparations.

Tashi Mishra
Tashi Mishrahttps://www.ssbcrack.com/
An ardent follower of Military, football. Loves to read. Writer by choice, computer professional by chance! And Dil toh fauji hai jee!!
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