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PsychologyThematic Apperception TestBack To The Basics- Thematic Apperception Test

Back To The Basics- Thematic Apperception Test

Each story must have a hero or the chief character with whom the writer identifies himself and who should exhibit qualities which an officer in the armed forces should possess, He should act and behave like a normal human being and not like a Superman or Spiderman.

Greetings to our readers, we have been receiving emails regarding some elementary doubts in the SSB selection procedure. So, we have decided to clear all the doubts one by one by reiterating the procedure from the basic level. Today, we will be discussing the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) in detail. The Thematic Apperception Test is the first test of the psychological test series in the SSB interview.

Now, the dictionary meaning of ‘Apperception’ is as follows “the mental process by which a person makes sense of an idea by assimilating it to the body of ideas he or she already possesses”. In other words it is a psychological test which brings out the inner (hidden) thoughts of the individual which he/she might not normally reveal.

Thematic Apperception Test: METHOD

The candidates are made to sit in a big hall with a projector screen; all the candidates are given a booklet. A hazy picture is shown at the screen for 30 seconds; you are required analyze the picture in the 30 seconds given and frame (write in the booklet) a story around the picture in the next 4 minutes, then again you are shown a hazy picture for 30 seconds and you are required to write a new story based on the picture shown. This procedure continues till the eleventh picture and after that a 12th and final picture is projected which is generally a blank one in which you can write whatever story you want to write.
This is a time based approach which reveals the inner self of an individual quite easily. The test is based on the theory that in the construction of stories around hazy pictures, the candidate organizes material from his own personal experiences, partly as a result of the stimulus that he receives (what he finds in the picture) and partly his association with stimuli recalled from his past experiences. The psychologists read your stories and frame an opinion about your personality. As one doesn’t know how he has performed in the psychological tests, it often becomes a hard nut to crack for the aspirants.


Thematic Apperception Test: KEY POINTS TO REMEMBER

  1. THE HERO: – Each story must have a hero or the chief character with whom the writer identifies himself and who should exhibit qualities which an officer in the armed forces should possess, He should act and behave like a normal human being and not like a Superman or Spiderman.
  2. Apart from the Hero, you must identify other characters in the picture that help the hero in the execution of the task.
  3. SITUATION IN THE STORY:- Your story should contain the following features
  • What was the picture all about or what is going on in the picture?
  • How it came about or what events led up to it?
  • What will be the outcome or inference?
  1. THE PLOT:
  • It is an attempt by the hero, assisted by the other characters to organize the story by utilizing all the resources at his disposal in order to successfully solve the problem.
  • It should be pleasing and end successfully.
  • It should be self evident. The reader must not be in any doubt in the end of the story.

Thematic Apperception Test: FINAL COMMENTS

  • Relate your story to the picture; you must frame the story around the characters and the situation shown in the picture. Digression from the picture will be termed as ‘wishful thinking’.
  • Identify the problem in every story and go around getting it solved by the hero, who in turn uses the available resources to solve the problem.
  • It is advised that if the Hero is of your age, then it becomes easier for you to relate to him and write a story. However, it is not necessary.
  • Please do not write MEMORIZED STORIES. You will be caught as the memorized story won’t conform to your personality. Listen to the stimulus in your mind instead.
  • It is advised that you practice writing 10 stories daily within 4 minutes to increase your writing speed.

Thematic Apperception Test Sample Picture

Candidates can write a story on this picture and post it in the comment box.

Thematic Apperception Test Picture

Well, with this we conclude this article. We hope that all the doubts regarding the Thematic Apperception Test are clear now. You may give your opinions and views on the comment box below. Keep following SSBCRACK. JAI HIND

Vardaan Parashar
Vardaan Parasharhttps://ssbcrack.com/
Apart from being a defence enthusiast, I have great zeal towards patriotic and welfare activities. I hail from a rich defence background with my dad being a retired commandant in the Indian Coast Guard. I am currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering and wish to join DRDO one day.

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