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Mistakes to avoid during Psychological Tests

Psychological Tests are a battery of tests through which the psychologist assesses a candidate. These tests include Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), Word Association Test(WAT), Situation Reaction Test (SRT) and Self-Description Test (SDT). These tests are the only medium through which a psychologist can judge a candidate. He bases his judgment on what a candidate writes in the answer sheet and on the PIQ form that a candidate fills. Your personality which comes out from the PIQ form should match with the personality which comes out from the answers you write in the paper. Since the psychologist never meets you in person, except for the conference, these tests and the PIQ form are the only means to impress him. He can get to know you only through these tools. So there is a huge need to be careful about it. Given below are a few mistakes to avoid during these tests:

Mistakes to avoid during Psychological Tests

  1. Writing in a bad handwriting: As mentioned above, your test papers and your PIQ form is the only Psychologist-Test-Day-2-SSBway in which you are judged by the psychologist. You would have heard that first impression is the last impression, and in order to make a good first impression, you need to write in a legible handwriting. The time constraint in these tests is severe and it puts you under a huge pressure to write fast, and eventually your hand writing becomes pathetic. Try as much as possible to avoid bad handwriting and write in a neat, legible way.
  2. Writing preconceived ideas: You may fall for some plots of the stories, or some mature reactions or some attractive sentences, or somebody’s mind-blowing self-description. These may attract your attention and may appeal to you so much that you would like to write them in your own paper. But the thing about these things is that, they are not yours. They are from somebody else, and psychology just like finger print is different for everybody. So be original in your thoughts.
  3. Being Nervous: Now you would say that it is not in your hand, but being nervous is only going to block your head and clog your mind, and thus you’ll lose all the ideas which you may have utilized otherwise to think. Although it is hard to avoid being nervous because of the time constraint since you have to do a lot of thinking in a short duration. To avoid being nervous, all you need to do is practice before you go for the SSB.
  4. Not looking the picture properly: Candidates tend to rush into start writing the story as soon as the picture appears. So they do not pay enough attention on the picture. The 30 seconds for which the picture appears on the screen is only given for the thinking part, do not rush into writing the things that time. Utilize the time to see the picture thoroughly.
Tashi Mishra
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