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10 Ways To Convince SSB That You Want To Join The Armed Forces


10 Ways To Convince SSB That You Want To Join The Armed Forces. There is one thing very important in SSB, and that is the ability to convince the board that you are totally inclined to join the Armed Forces. Candidates feel that they can easily prove that by stating in the interview that it is their passion and dream to join the forces. However, it is a bit tricky in reality to prove the same. The reason being very simple, SSB is a three-pronged approach. So nothing will be proved if you just decide to go on and say the above-mentioned statement. You need to take an approach so that they are persuaded that you want to join the Armed Forces.


  1. Actions speak louder than words: No matter how old this saying is, it holds true for the situation we are talking about. You may go and tell the interviewing officer or the GTO that you want to join the Armed Forces, but that won’t cast an impression until your actions are there to accompany your words.
  2. Increase you Armed Force knowledge: Any person who has an interest in something will gather knowledge about that thing. If you like Football for example, you’ll be definitely knowing various players, tournaments played all around the world, the rules etc. Similarly if you want to join Armed Forces you must know certain things about it, like the ranks, commands, awards, equipment etc.
  3. An observant and alert mind: If you want to join the forces, you must have an alert mind, with the ability to think on the spur of the moment. You can show this in Group Tasks, and interview.SSB Interview 2015
  4. Your psychological paper should represent OLQ’s: Writing sentences and stories without any purpose is of no use for the psychologist. If you want to tell him/her about your personality, you need to portray your OLQ’s in your paper.
  5. Adventurous temperament: An officer of the Armed Forces by and large has a thrill-seeking personality. Your job will demand you to be adventure-ready. You need to show this side of yours in SSB. An adventurous side to a personality can be shown by your interests, hobbies and extra-curricular activities you take part in.
  6. Adjusting and adaptable nature: They need people who are trainable and can adjust well with people around them. The family of the Armed Forces is a closely knit family, and officers are transferred very frequently from one place to the other. This demands the person to be adjustable with new people and surrounding. Can be shown by your behavior in group tasks.
  7. The thin line between passion and obsession: Joining the Armed Forces can be your passion, but if you keep on repeating all the time in interview, GT and Psychological tests that it is your passion, then it goes on to show that it is not your passion, but it is like an obsession for you.
  8. Level of preparedness: If you go unprepared in SSB, it shows that you are not serious about joining the Forces. However if you take special measures, like consulting an expert, going for a caching and referring online material for SSB, it shows that you are serious about joining the Armed Forces. You need to admit to the help and preprations you have done if asked.
  9. Responsibilities and you A responsible person takes the responsibility of their actions. They do not blame others or situations for anything that goes wrong. Also they are sincere and understand their role. So as a student, your responsibility is to study well, listen to your parents and grow overall. This can be shown by your decent grades, by your involvement in family affairs and the positions of responsibility you have taken till now.
  10. Try and fail, never fail to try: The mere fact that you keep coming back to try again and again for SSB, even after not getting recommended goes on to prove that you want to join the forces on all costs.
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