Climate Change- A Global Issue

Climate change is a well-known term that is easily heard on T.V. or other media. But this small term means a lot. The disturbance is nature is showing adverse results and posing threat for life on the planet. Melting glaciers, rising temperature, natural disasters, change in pattern of precipitation are some of the easily observed effects of this change. More shocking data is released by the recently held study and report.

Recently a media report disclosed that the changing climate is making such an impact on environment, that a rise of nearly 1-2 degrees Celsius in the temperature can cause increase of sea level of about 20 feet. Purpose of this report justifies the effect of global warming that is a challenge for human race. The repost says that if the change in temperature goes on, then the effect will cause a catastrophic situation. The rising temperature is led the ice bergs to melt successively, causing increase in water level.

In another study disclosed a horrific information about climate change. Our atmosphere is expected to cross the mark of 50 degree Celsius in this century along with water problem are expected in northern region of the country. This increase in 8 degrees of temperature will be more hazardous for the survival for life with depleting resources deposits. Another amazing information was released that India has to spend about $200 billion per year if India fails to take necessary steps to overcome the rising carbon level and its secondary effect, rising temperature. The India partner of the study, Arunabha Ghosh, Chief Executive Officer on council of energy, reported the water wars in India in coming years. Main focus of the effect are seemed to be the northern regions including Chandigarh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. Not only this, the acute rainfall also states in the study which will lead to flood in gangatic region.Climate-Change-A-Global-Issue

The pace of this change is on its extreme and government is taking some decisions that support this change. The eco sensitive area of western ghat is decided to be reduced from 60,000 sq. km to 45-50,000 sq. km. The announcement is awaited and expected to be announced in August.  Our environment is already facing dangerous situations and human race must step ahead to protect it instead of working for its needs and fulfillment of personal desires. The escalating climate change seeded El nino which led damages to nature.

The change in climate is an offshoot of the activities done by the humans for personal benefits irrespective of the nature’s permission. The effects are clearly visible as the agriculture sector was seen worst hit by the climate change leading to the farmer’s suicide and several natural disasters claiming several lives. Every year, records of temperature in summer and winter are broken and rain also makes new records every year. Science has developed a lot and provided comfort. This is not all we need to survive. Nature is the base of life and deteriorating it will lead more disaster subsequently making it hard for human to survive. So remember

Avoiding nature is cutting your breath’

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