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How To Solve Situation Reaction Test In Short Time

Situation Reaction Test, which is a part of the psychological testing, is meant to test candidates’ natural reactions when they are put under some day-today situations. These situations are frequently related to routine life, although some situations may be peculiar or strange. The objective behind putting up the candidates in such situations is to test how quick and practical they are in responding to simple and adverse situations. An Armed Forces officer is expected to be quick, sensible and a pragmatist when it comes to taking decisions, because a lot of people depend on him and he is responsible for them. Candidates’ often complain that the time given to them in the psychological testing is very short, especially in the Situation Reaction Test where they have to solve 60 situations in duration of 30 minutes. A few of aspirants wanted to get a guide on how they can solve Situation Reaction Test in a short time. Here I have tried to provide them with a few tips, on the same:

  • The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war: Yes future soldier, this saying is true, not only for the training, but for getting selected for the training too. What I mean to say is that the more you practice before, the easier it’ll be for you to write fast in the Situation Reaction Test. Practicing before will help you to increase your writing speed, as well as think spontaneously. Thinking on the spur of the moment should come naturally to you, but if you have been through some kind of situation before (in your practice may be) it’ll help you.
  • Originality will save you: You may read up somebody’s reaction and think that they have written a commendable solution for it. What you don’t understand is that problems unlike solutions are not unique for each individual. So if you plan up your reactions, and try to think for an answer, you’ll end up wasting more time.Situation Reaction Test
  • Think on the spur of the moment: You need to be spontaneous, there is no other way. This is not something you can build up in a day. You need to change some major aspects of your personality in order to develop practical mind, try seeing everything around you from a realistic perspective, you need to come out of the nutshell and think out of the box.
  • Get into the situation: You need to get into the situation in order to think as per the situation wants you to. That is not possible if you are reading the situations just as a sentence, put yourself in the situation, and think what you will do, if you are in the situation, and then you’ll come up with fast and prompt responses.
  • Use correct English: Using English properly helps majorly in Situation Reaction Test. Instead of writing proper sentences, write using hyphens, commas, and semicolons. You’ll find this handy because in this way your grammar won’t go wrong and you’ll be able to finish off the things fast.
  • Quality matters over quantity: They want your proper actions and not just a one word reaction. So you need to answer in fitting way, instead of just writing half reactions. It is always good to do quality work than rush after increasing quantity of it. We advise the candidates to not leave reactions in between blank and skip to next reactions, however if you get stuck on one reaction then leave it and move on. Don’t rush after finishing too many of them, instead finish whatever you can in proper manner.

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