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Importance Of Group In SSB

Often we hear from candidates about the problems they faced with their group, or that none got selected from their group, as the group wasn’t good. Most of the time blaming the group for not getting selected is just a way to sooth up ourself, and pass the barrel of mistakes on someone else, however at times it is true as well. Let us look more deeply into this subject. 

What is a good group?

There is no hard and fast definition for a good group. What might be good group for me maybe a bad one for you. So there are a few things which make your group a good one. Most important thing is like mindedness, if the people in a group are like minded and think along the same lines there will be lesser issues, whereas different thinking styles give rise to conflicts. This is one major reason why groups in SSB are formed based mostly on your date of birth. Second thing is compatibility and willingness to adapt. If by chance you fall with people who are not willing to adapt, it’ll definitely cause issues. Most important thing is that the interest of group should be kept above the individual interests. So these are a few things which make a good group.

When a group goes wrong?

A group goes wrong when everybody is selfish enough to not realize that the tasks given are given with keeping in mind the group goal and not individual goal. When members in group think only about getting recommended and not performing and achieving what is told, in the task the group starts getting wrong. This gives rise to a situation where every member is thinking about their own benefit, thus they shout, fight and yell at each other, and thus the group fails on a whole, annoying the GTO in the process.No 5 AFSB Air Force

What should be your role?

Your role as a group member should be to achieve the group goal first and thus keeping the interest of the group as whole on the topmost priority. Being a member of the group, you should be capable enough to take charge and help people. Help them to move forward, device plans to achieve the group goal, and make sure the plan is taking you ahead in the problem. You should not a be a part of any sub-groups formed inside the group and must treat everybody equally. Be professional and do not try to strike chords of personal friendship with any single individual. Instead be the egg in the cake and unite people. Never be a part of any fights, instead try to pacify such things. Try building bond in the group by going out together for book ours and going for dinner together.

Group Tasks are very important part of the SSB, they can make or break your chances of selections. There are enough examples to prove that. There are no good groups made, you make your own group good, by acting maturely and selfless.


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