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7 Tricks To Get More Marks In Group Discussion

GTO days are the days known for the physical tasks. But the very beginning of this segment of SSB is Group Discussion where the group has to discuss over a specific topic. The task has two discussions. In the first discussion, candidates are provided 2 topics while the second discussion will have one topic for discussion. Group discussion is among some of the tasks in SSB that can be practiced and following some tips can luster your performance in group discussion.


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  1. Hand movement in a candid way – When even you are in a group discussion, keep your hands in control. A mild and candid movement is allowed, but strong and interrupting movement marks negative point. Less confident and confusing personality shows such traits. Using hands to overcome the discussion and getting a chance to speak need to be checked.
  2. Raise voice rather than shouting – While discussion goes to a tense point, many candidates lost patience and starts shouting out their points that messes up their point in their voice. Have patience and don’t indulge in what others are doing. Shouting in discussion is better than a bit raised voice to express your point and make it understandable for others.
  3. Maintain politeness – Be polite while discussing and give your point politely to maintain the discussion and make your point understandable to others. Speedy voice, crossing others comments or aggressive mood makes your point useless and affectless.
  4. Listen and reply carefully – A perfect discussion technique is listening to the candidates and replying to it humbly matching the topic of the discussion. Your reply must match the sequence of comments raised by other candidates. Irrelevant or out of topic comment is useless and time wasting.7 Tricks To Get More Marks In Group Discussion
  5. The point should be genuine and bold rather than long – It is observed many times that candidates give long comments and wastes the crucial time of the discussion. Keep the comment short and strong. Remember “It’s better to hit hard then to hit long”. Your idea and logic is preferred over your respective language.
  6. Logical and social knowledge always wins – Bold, logical and knowledge full comments are the base of discussion. Repetition and soulless comments leaves negative impact. Social knowledge and day to day experience with deep self-analysis can construct such personality.
  7. Take initiative to eradicate chaos and providing chances to introverts – Chaos is a common thing in discussions, whether in screening or in GTO. It’s not any awkward thing. Candidates should take initiative to control this chaos and retract the discussion. This shows initiative and motive bounded nature. Another point to check is to give chance to introverts that are passive in the discussion. Break the sequence and give them a chance to share their point and ideas.

Conclusion– From the above-given tips, it is clear that being polite and calm minded is the base of good discussion. Being supportive and cooperative is the way to improve your performance. It is always advised to candidates that they should practice GD in social circles and use to practice English from books, newspapers, digital media, etc.

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