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GTOGroup Discussion30 GD Topics For SSB and AFSB Interview

30 GD Topics For SSB and AFSB Interview

  1. With the ascent of gender equality, both the parents have started working. In your opinion, who influences more on the child?
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Friends and company


  1. Technology has started interfering in almost every comfort zone of life. What do you think is the role of science in the common life
  • It is a boon
  • A curse
  • Human regulated and controlled


  1. These days, crime has dissolved in common day to day schedules. Newspapers and media are filled with such news. In your opinion,
  • Making military training compulsory for civilian citizen is a good option
  • Military training will pay in a negative way
  • Deploying more security personnel will curb the problem


  1. Keeping the current situation in mind, will it be a better option to continue the nuclear programs further
  • Yes, it will enhance muscles to Indian defence
  • No, it will ultimately lead to destruction
  • It must be done under strict surveillance by top agencies to use it for human welfare and avoid its misuse.


  1. Television has become a good source of knowledge. How do you think, it is influencing children?
  • It is a medium of knowledge
  • It is influencing in a wrong way
  • Ill effects are seen over the health of the children


  1. Gender equality has become an issue in Indian society. In your opinion, should co-education be promoted?
  • It must be continued
  • Indian heritage is challenged in co-education
  • It should be replaced with some other education system


  1. Indian culture is being challenged in many ways. In your opinion, why the number of old age homes is increasing?
  • Influence of western culture is there
  • Parents find their better care in old age homes
  • It has become a way to convert black money into white


  1. Dowry has become an evil in India. How this can be stopped?
  • By implementing hard laws
  • By motivating and making women aware
  • By intervention of NGOs and government schemes for relaxing the burden


  1. These days, the implementation of law and order has become a challenge for the government. In your view, who must be given responsibility for its proper implementation?
  • Police force
  • Countrymen themselves
  • Armed forces must be given a chance


  1. The budget allocation is always kept under discussion for non-proportional distribution of funds among different organisations. In your opinion, which field must be poured more funds
  • Military, to boost security
  • Infrastructure, to lure foreign investment
  • National schemes , to support countrymen


  1. Student’s indulgence in anti-national activities and involvement in politics has become an issue in India. In your opinion
  • Students must be directed way to avoid politics during study ages
  • Students must be motivated to join politics to flourish it nation more effectively
  • Students must be directed to support nation by joining other field also like civil services, military etc.


  1. Should computer be made a compulsory subject?
  • Yes, its demand is increasing with every passing day
  • No, student will perceive it as a burden
  • It should be made compulsory in some of the classes


  1. People in the country are facing some of the most difficult problems form different fields. In your opinion, in which direction, should government must emphasize?
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Sanitation programs


  1. Should sex education be made given in schools and colleges
  • Yes, it will clarify all aspects of this field
  • No, it will distract the students
  • It must be made compulsory in either colleges or schools


  1. With high rate of privatisation, will it be a better option to privatize education?
  • Yes, it will become more effective
  • No, it will add a burden to the common man’s pocket
  • Partial privatization can be a better option

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GD Topics for SSB Interview (Part -2)

  1. Reservation has emerged as a most discussed topic in India. In your opinion, how far is this reservation good for India?
  • It is supporting the people belonging to backward class
  • It hinders the talent of the new generation
  • It has to be changed to deliver better results


  1. Democracy in India was selected to provide equal power in common man’s hand. How far, is it successful in India?
  • Democracy has led to high crime rate and corruption
  • Dictatorship will overcome the cons of democracy
  • Democracy gives more involvement of people in governance


  1. Movies and internet are spreading censored material among new generation. How this can be curbed?
  • By proper vigil of parents
  • Imposing laws against the material releases
  • Guidance in schools and colleges


  1. Technology and its high end usage are a matter of concern. Artificial intelligence is the new theme of exploration. In your opinion
  • It will ease the humans
  • Can dominate human race
  • Should be opened only in selected fields


  1. How transparency in governance can be achieved more easily?
  • Digitalizing governance
  • Direct involvement of citizen in governance
  • More Laws like RTI, can make it easy


  1. How globalisation will affect India?
  • Developing nations will be exploited by free trade pacts
  • It will increase the participation of developed nation in the progress
  • FDI can regulate the globalisation process


  1. Press freedom is essential for a democratic nation. How it is affecting India?
  • Press freedom show hidden part of the news
  • Paid news misguides the citizens
  • Press media reveal confidential information against the nation’s interest.


  1. In case of J&K, what should be done?
  • The Referendum is a good and effective option
  • Military presence is the last option to rule the area
  • Making J&K fully accessible by central government will give the expected results


  1. Boarding schools seem to be a good option for children. In your opinion, how it is affecting the children
  • Increases the discipline level at an early age
  • Parent’s care and affection are compromised in boarding school
  • Days scholar is a better option the boarding


  1. According to your perception, how NOTA will help the voters of India?
  • It is a better option for neutral voters
  • It neglects selectivity in the election
  • It has no use in elections


  1. Who is responsible for criminalisation in politics?
  • Voters, accepting cash for votes
  • Politicians
  • Weakness of law in front of politics


  1. Should prostitution be made legal in India?
  • It will help this segment of the population to develop
  • It will further exploit them
  • Involvement of law and rules in justified way will overcome its ill effects


  1. Tourism is a better option to increase domestic income in India. In what ways tourism in India can be accelerated?
  • Enhancing security and safety
  • By advertising and initiating tourist busses and trains
  • Renovating old and abandoned tourist spots


  1. Crime against women is constantly increasing. In your opinion, what is the root cause of this problem?
  • Western culture amalgamating in Indian culture
  • Male dominating society suppressing female’s role
  • Social and tele media


  1. Postal Service in India is declining day by day. In your opinion, how Postal Service can be redeveloped?
  • By privatisation of Postal Services
  • Reducing cost and increasing more facilities
  • Banning private courier services.

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