Recommended For Indian Navy Technical Entry In 4th Attempt

Hello everyone my name is Aman Pandey. I thought to share my experience of getting recommended for 10+2 B.Tech entry Navy. “RECOMMENDATION FROM SSB”- My Biggest Dream came true in Naval Selection Board Visakhapatnam. After 3 failures in SSB finally, I was recommended in my 4th attempt.

DAY 1-Screening
We were done with the OIRT. I was able to do all questions except 3-4 very tricky ones. Now the PPDT started. The picture flashed and we wrote down our respective stories.
Now the Discussion Test started. I gave very confident narration of my story. During the discussion everything was like FISH MARKET. I tried calming them down but no one listened to me, then i decided not to take part in encouraging this fish market. I kept quite. As a result of all of these our discussion was not healthy.
Here comes the time of RESULT of 1st day!

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I was chest no 23 initially. The result was being announced chest no wise. 1..2..3…(in ascending order). after announcing few chest nos the officer said “OK GENTLEMEN THAT’S ALL FOR TODAY,YOU MAY LEAVE.” The officer who was announcing the result did not shout my chest no! i was disappointed with myself.
then the officer said “WAIT!! ONE IS LEFT!!………..” (after pause of 3-4 seconds he said) “chest no 23!”
oh god! this moment was breathtaking for me!
finally i was screened in. we were allotted new chest nos.Recommended For Indian Navy Technical Entry In 4th Attempt

1)Attempt every question in OIRT
2)Be as natural as you can while doing anything.
3)While writing story in PPDT show actions. Like if your hero has done something show how has he done it? What all preparations he did.
4)Introduce your character in narration properly.
5)Be confident while narration and GD.

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DAY 2-Psychology Testing
I completed
12/12 TATs
54/60 WATs
60/60 SRTs
Full SD
Now my interview was scheduled that day only. I was dressed well with nicely ironed light colored shirt trouser tie. Visakhapatnam had very very moist weather at that time. I was full of sweat. waterfall was running from my whole body! i entered the IO’s room with a smile and confident gesture. He offered hand shake, I did a warm handshake and sat on chair after he told me to sit.. there was a slight relief from the moist weather of Visakhapatnam as i entered an air-conditioned room. But very soon that relief was destroyed when he started asking me questions! for 5 minutes the IO asked personal questions about family and my friends. just after 5 minutes he started throwing GK questions! and as most of the science students i am also weak at GK. he kept asking me GK questions i kept answering “ I DON’T KNOW SIR!” again and again “I DON’T KNOW SIR!”. even he understood that i am total failure in GK and said “IT’S OK…NO ONE IS PERFECT” 😉 now at this point I started feeling nervous. now he started asking me questions related to science about density, Archimedes’s Principle and few questions that involved calculations. Since i was nervous i was able to answer only a few of them. At last, he asked about my previous attempts including the reason why i failed in previous attempts. he also asked about the competitive exams i gave and reasons of failure. i was able to satisfy him with my answers. now it has been 30 minutes of my interview, he then said “OK WE ARE DONE WITH THE INTERVIEW, YOU MAY LEAVE”. I took a breath of relief. I was not satisfied with my answers that much.

1)In psychology tests naturally express yourself. No need to be fake or writing things told by coaching institutes and all.
2)In WAT,SRT write short sentences. Don’t use too much of grammar. Your answers should be understood by the reader. Think tactfully, solve tactfully.
3) In Self Description write absolutely truth! Because they will ultimately find it whether you are writing truth or lie.

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DAY 3 and DAY 4- GTO
For me this is the best part of SSB! Here you have to stay outdoors and enjoy speaking and do some physical and mental work. In GD, Lecturette be to the point, don’t repeat words which are already spoken. Listen to others point and speak yours too. If you have some facts and figures then this is the place you can flaunt them off! In GPE, again, think tactfully and solve the problems. In Group obstacle race motivate everyone, do well, don’t show off small injuries. Remember it is a group task, not your personal task. So be with the group.
In PGT,CT,HGT,FGT you just need to have a sharp mind and tactful approach to solve the problem.
It would be beneficial for you if you do some physical exercises regularly before going for the SSB.

This was the thought which came into my mind before the conference.
During my conference they asked me some routine questions and “WHY SHOULD WE RECOMMEND YOU?” so be prepared to answer this question.
My conference went for around 10 minutes.
Now it was the RESULT time!!
Heartbeats went faster and faster as we were approaching to hear the results. Getting recommended was my biggest dream. So I wished if I got recommended.
And yes! Chest No 15 I shouted “AMAN PANDEY sir!”
2 of us were recommended from 17. I was very happy as my dream had come true. I thanked god and called my parents and friend to give them one more reason to be proud of me!

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If you have it in you, you will definitely be selected!
We can just is in the hands of the almighty.
Be confident and believe in yourself. Give your best shot and get recommended!

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