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50 Current Affairs Topics for CDS, AFCAT and NDA (Part -1)



  1. Steps Taken By Delhi To Curb Pollution – Delhi has gone down in the list of most polluted cities. Still the pollution level is high. The New Delhi government has taken some steps to curb the escalating pollution level. Some of them are odd-even trails, phasing out old vehicles, mass rapid transport system, strict mass emission standards, banning the registration of diesel cars and luxury SUVs above the capacity of 2000cc and implementation green cess.
  2. “Art of Living” issue – The issue was raised when the celebration of completion of 35 years of Art of Living’s was organised on the flood plains of Yamuna River in Delhi. The world cultural fest took place on 11-13th March and the issue was related to the NGT’s opposition to use Yamuna flood plains and polluting it.
  3. Wetland Rules 2016 – The draft Wetland Rules, 2016 replaced Wetland Rules 2010. The new rule aims at restricting the activities on wetlands, proper regulation of wetland in protected areas, the proposal for wetland authority in union territories and setting up of wetland authority in respective states.
  4. Drought And Water Scarcity – India is again going through tough times as the drought has once again hit India. Maharashtra and adjoining states were seen more affected by drought. The Government has taken certain steps to avert it.
  5. Jat Agitation – It is one of the hot topics that was surfaced in March this year and again taking thrust. Jats, Jat Sikhs, Rors, Tyagis and Bishnois were seeking reservation under OBC category and were later promised to increase the reservation from 10 to 20% in the category of economically backward classes. Later the decision was lifted and Jat communities are again adjusting their protest plans.
  6. State elections – 2016 has been a crucial year from the political point of view. 5 states went through the Legislative Assembly Elections. The states were Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, West Bengal, Kerala and Assam. The elections were concluded with ADMK, INC, Trinmool Congress, LDF and BJP emerging victorious in Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, West Bengal, Kerala and Assam.
  7. High Speed Bullet Train By Japan – India and Japan, last year, signed Rs 98,000 cr deal of bullet train project, which will run between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Along with this, India will be benefited with the transfer of technology to improve railway safety, sharing environment friendly sanitation technology to improve the railway system with known mitigation system for handling natural disasters.
  8. JAM policy – JAM, which has a full form of Jan Dhan, Adhaar and Mobile i.e. connecting all the three to make a strong and effective subsidy delivery service. The JAM trinity will be a used to expand welfare policies targeting the poor and needy people. The step will bring out more secure way to provide services, avoiding leakage of funds, mismanagement and mishandling of data and resources and accurate targeting of people for providing services.
  9. Start-Up India – Start up India is an initiative by Indian Government to boost the new start-ups in India, which are the base of the nation’s development. The key points related to it are executing a single window clearance, eradicating red tape, reducing patent registration fees by 80%, 3 year freedom from tax on profits, capital gain tax and mystifying tax, boosting Atal Innovation Mission and self-certification etc.
  10. Reusable launch vehicle – It is ISRO’s project to decrease the launch cost of the space exploration missions. It is a step toward two stages to orbit. Its trail was taken on the coast of Shriharikota, where it was propelled in a booster rocket, re-entered into earth’s atmosphere with a speed of Mach 5 and landed at a place some 450 km form Shriharikota.



  1. Brexit – A referendum that will take place on 23rd June deciding whether Britain will remain or leave the E.U… E.U is a political and economic group of 28 nations, which has freedom to exchange goods freely. 19 states of this group have adopted the euro as their currency.
  2. S election – The U.S sate general elections will take place on 8th November, 2016 for the post of President and Vice President. Apart from this, voting for 435 seats for U.S House of Representatives and 34 seats of U.S. senates will also be done.
  3. ISIS – Islamic State militant group, ISIS is mushrooming day by day. Iraqi forces are woking hard to grab the land acquired by ISIS. The forces are approaching the Falluja, where about 50,000 civilians and 20,000 children are trapped.
  4. MTCR and SCO – Missile Technology Control Regime and Shanghai Cooperation Organization are the two groups of major economies and India is also going to join these groups possibly in the future. Along with this, India is also getting good support to get its name into the NSG (nuclear supplier group)
  5. OBOR – One Belt on the Road is an initiative of China to connect major modern time economies with the help of land and sea routes. China-Pakistan economic cooperation (CPEC) which was sanctioned $46 billion, by china, is also a part of this initiative.
  6. North Korea sanctions – H-bomb test, disguised missile trails and some other similar incidents have led to the imposition of sanctions by U.S. over North Korea.
  7. Migrant Crisis – Unstable economic and political scenario in West Asia and northern nations of the African continent, has led people to flee to a more stable area near them, preferring European Nations. Boko haram, Al-Shabab, ISIS and other terror groups have led to the migration of citizens to a more stable place, resulting in causalities, bulk immigration and several other problems.
  8. TPP – Trans-Pacific Partnership is a group of 11nations + U.S., which is meant to enhance the living standards, promoting economic growth, increasing job opportunities and reducing the poverty rate. The agreement was signed in February this year. It aims at reducing trade barriers and making it on the model of E.U.
  9. Killings in Bangladesh – The issue of successive killings of people in Bangladesh is taking place. Recently, a Hindu priest was hacked to death. Earlier, wife of a government personnel and a homeopath was murdered. Similar cases were also reported last year.
  10. Gotthard Railway Tunnel – The longest railway tunnel was opened in Switzerland. It took $12 billion to complete the 57 km long tunnel under the Alps peaks. This tunnel has surpassed the record of Japan’s longest tunnel that runs about 53 kms.


  1. Apple Manufacturing Unit – Apple’s manufacturer Foxconn is going to ink a deal with Maharashtra government to acquire 1,200 acre plot of land to set up $10 billion plant manufacturing. The operation is expected to begin at the end of 2017.
  2. India Post As A Bank – Focusing on the range and accessibility of India post, Indian government is discussing over making India post a payment bank. The aim is to target the 100% financial inclusion.
  3. Loan Defaulters – The burden of over Rs. 4.4 Crore has come over banks due to loan defaulters, making banks to take further actions against defaulters. Now, banks are seeking the SC and RBI to take solid steps in the favor of the banks.
  4. Malya Deportation – The former chairman of United Spirits and famous for Kingfisher Tag, Vijay Malya was declared as a loan defaulter and left India amid intense protest. Later, non-bail able warrant was issued and his passport was suspended by ED because of his nonappearance after releasing of summons.
  5. ADANI Coal Issue – Adani Group is expected to drop its plan to set up world’s largest coal mines in Australia following interventions by the Environment Groups. The rail and coal project by Adani totally worth about $21.5 billion.
  6. Merger Of Mahila Bank – Mahila Bank, India’s first bank operated only by women, is expected to get merged in state-owned banks. Opened in 2013, the bank has about 90 branches and is ready to open more branches.
  7. Jan Dhan Yogna – A way to accelerate the financial inclusion, the scheme aims at providing financial access to people. The yogna was launched in 2014 with some specific facilities and services like zero balance account, Rupay card, accidental insurance of about 1 lakh, overdraft from bank after 6 months of opening of account, etc. The scheme was also criticized for dumping overburden over banks.
  8. India’s GDP growth at 7.6% – The last quarter of fiscal recorded 7.9% GDP growth in Indian economy, adjusting a total of 7.6% growth of GDP in the last year. While the GDP recorded in the last fiscal quarter of China was 6.7%.
  9. 7th Pay Commission – The 7th Pay Commission, which margin 20,000 as lowest salary, will be possibly get imposed in July. The pay commission gave relief to the government employees and supported the Armed Forces personals. The six month arrears will be paid to the employees.
  10. International rankings – India has become 3rd largest oil consumer surpassing Japan. India ranked 130/189 in ease of doing business and ranked 133 in press freedom.

50 Current Affairs Topics for CDS, AFCAT and NDA (Part -2)

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