9 Things Women Should Know Before Joining the Indian Military

Let’s face it; there is a difference between males and females in the military. Unfortunately, no women would find any helpful information regarding this anywhere on the internet (considering men wouldn’t need it).

So here we bring you some points that could help women assess their lives ahead before joining the military, from the words of serving/retired women soldiers:

These points do not represent my own views but represent points from the experiences of lady cadets at training academies

  1. No Long Hair: All the lady cadets are required to trim their hair as their male counterparts. If you want to keep them long, then you will need to keep it in a tight bun, every day. Turns out, trimming the hair is the best thing you can do while at training.
  1. Prepare to be Physically Tough: You are not opting for a beauty competition here. The first thing the military expects from every soldier is top-notch physical fitness, no matter your gender. Many LCs find it difficult to cope with the physical training. So you better prepare to be so, which brings us to the next point:
  1. Physical Training will not Support you: Basic Training is harder physically for a female than it is for a male (blame your genes). In the military, push-ups are there for every occasion, and they are easier for males (blame testosterone). Sorry ladies, but you gotta struggle in physical training.
  1. Relationships Become Complex: They’re definitely not allowed at basic training. You best not flirt or hook up with anyone at the academy. The military is not the best place if you’re hoping to meet someone.
  1. Your Period is NOT an Excuse: You are going to get your period while at basic training and your drill instructor is not going to care because they have heard every single excuse before about why you cannot possibly do this training. Take a painkiller and suck it up.

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  1. Ditch Personal Grooming: You are given very limited time for personal grooming, but no one really cares what you look like after a week or two. You are too tired and have plenty of time to do your daily chores. And the little time that is left? You will love napping then.
  1. You’ll not serve in Combat Roles: Unlike Air Force, the Army and the Navy don’t allow women to serve in a combat role. However, plans are on to induct women in these services for combat roles too.
  1. You will not always be posted in good places: Just like men, living conditions for you may be tough too. So enjoy nice living conditions while you can because sometimes you won’t get the best accommodations.
  1. The “Female Stereotype” will be there too: Once you get to your units, males will become more conscious of what they say around females to avoid any sexual harassment report. So, understand this: When you enter a room full of males, and they all stop their hooting and laughing as soon as you walk in, it is because you’re female.

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