30 Territorial Army Exam Questions

1.Mercury thermometer was invented by———
(a)Newton                  (b)Priestley
(c)Fahrenheit             (d)Galileo
Answer – c

2.It the door of a running refrigerator in a closed room is kept open, what will be the net effect on the room?
(a)It will cool the room
(b)It will heat the room
(c)It will make no difference on the average
(d)It will make the temperature go up and down
Answer – b

3.Galvanized iron is coated with a thin coating of
(a)Tin                           (b)Zinc
(c)Aluminium             (d)Copper
Answer – b

4.Which one of the following is involved for desalination of sea water?
(a)Reverse osmosis                     (b)Simple osmosis
(c)Use of sodium aluminium     (d)None of the these
Answer – a

5.Rh-factor was first discovered in
(a)human male             (b)human female
(c)dog                             (d)monkey
Answer – d

6.The Indus Valley Civilization flourished during
(a)5000 BC-3500 BC         (b)3000 BC-1500 BC
(c)1500 BC-500 BC            (d)2500 BC-1750 BC
Answer – d

7.Saka era was founded by
(a)Ashoka                 (b)Harsha
(c)Kanishka             (d)Vikramaditya
Answer – d

8.The metal constituent of chlorophyll is
(a)Iron                          (b)Potassium
(c)Manganese             (d)Magnesium
Answer – d

9.Coffee is produced largely in
(a)Assam                   (b)West Bengal
(c)Karnataka             (d)Tamil Nadu
Answer – c

10.Among the given nutrients, milk is a poor source of
(a)Calcium                   (b)Protein
(c)Carbohydrate         (d)Vitamin C
Answer – d

11.Ancient Buddhist literature was written in
(a)Sanskrit             (b)Pali
(c)Brahmi               (d)Maghadi
Answer – b

12.Mac Mohan Line is a border line between
(a)Pakistan and Afghanistan           (b)India and China
(c)South Korea and North Korea    (d)Vietnam and Cambodia
Answer – b

13.Paris is situated on the river
(a)Thames             (b)Seine
(c)Danube             (d)Vistula
Answer – b

14.Which one of the following is not mosquito borne disease?
(a)Dengue fever                (b)Filariasis
(c)Sleeping sickness         (d)Malaria
Answer – b

15.Which of the following states in India does not share boundary with Myanmar?
(a)Arunachal Pradesh          (b)Nagaland
(c)Manipur                             (d)Assam
Answer – d

16.The Garo and Khasi are languages of the state of:-
(a)Manipur              (b)Meghalaya
(c)Assam                  (d)Tripura
Answer – b

17.William Harvey is known for discovery of:-
(a)Blood circulation         (b)Blood clotting
(c)Respiration                   (d)Digestion
Answer – a

18.National development council of India was constituted on
(a)August 16, 1950        (b)April 1, 1951
(c)August 6, 1952          (d)August 16, 1952
Answer – c

19.Who had the longest tenure as speaker of the Lok Sabha?
(a)G.V. Mavlankar      (b)G.S. Dhillon
(c)Balram Jakhar        (d)P.A. Sangma
Answer – c

20.English is the official language of which of the following states?
(a)Karnataka                        (b)Manipur
(c)Arunachal Pradesh        (d)Nagaland
Answer – a

21.The longest railway platform in the world is
(a)Kharagpur            (b)Monteral
(c)Gorakhpur            (d)Shenghai
Answer – c

22.Telangana is the new born indian’s  state. It has became the country’s ______ state.
(a)27th             (b)28th
(c)30th             (d)29th
Answer – d

23.Which one of the following is the central theme of the chipko movement, started by the Sunderlal Bahugunian in 1973
(a)conservation of river water     (b)Protection of birds
(c)Protection of the Cheetahs     (d) Conservation of the forests
Answer – d

24.The ‘Gayatri’ Mantra Contained in the Rigveda in the dedicated to which deity?
(a) Agni             (b) Marut
(c)Savitri            (d) Surya
Answer – c

25.A catalyst is a substance which:-
(a)stops a chemical reaction
(b)helps initiate a reaction
(c)increases the speed of a reaction
(d)decreases the speed of a reaction
Answer – c

26.“National Song” of India was written by
(a)Ravindra Nath Tagore     (b) Bankim Chandra
(c)Lata Mangeshkar              (d) Noor Jehan
Answer – b

27.World Press Freedom Day observed on which of the following dates?
(a)April 29           (b)April 30
(c)May 3             (d)May 5
Answer – c

28.”Astra” which was in news in recent past is the name of a newly developed-
(a)Air-to-air missile   (b)Battle Tank
(c)Spy-Rocket             (d)Submarine
Answer – a

29.How many Schedules are there in the Indian Constitution?
(a)10                 (b)15
(c)18                 (d)12
Answer – d

30.Which company name is based on river name?
(a)Samsung       (b)Sony Ericsson
(c)Nokia             (d)HTC
Answer – c

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