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Let’s Crack AFCAT Book Review

Your decision to join the Air Force is an achievement in itself, and by choosing this book you have made concrete your dream of becoming an Air Warrior through AFCAT. You can find various other possible entries to join the Air Force in this book. This book contains the best material to prepare for AFCAT in an easy-to- grasp-and-remember way. The blueprint at the beginning of the book makes the approach towards AFCAT preparation easier and narrower.

Our tabulated approach towards the topics makes remembering the points and recalling it easier than any other AFCAT book in the market. The flow diagrams before history topics are the perfect way to kick-start and understand & remember Indian history in the best possible way. The book also contains a section dedicated to history dates and corresponding achievements for better remembering and referring the dates. The book is prepared keeping in mind the needs of aspirants both during preparation and revision. Most of all, the book is prepared from the aspirant’s point of view. Because who but an aspirant can know better the need of another aspirant? Hence, this book is for the aspirants, by the aspirants.


  1. Solved AFCAT 1 2016 Original Paper
  2. All previous years solved questions [Topicwise]
  3. Ample practice questions
  4. Tips and Tricks for AFCAT
  5. AFCAT recommended candidates experience

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It contains an overview of preparation strategies and psychological tricks before certain topics that can help you grasp the most from it. It contains chapter-wise solved questions after every topic with a separate section for the previously asked solved questions, making it easier for aspirants to refer to previous years papers of the same topic. In addition, keeping in mind the importance of service knowledge, this book has a section dedicated solely to the Indian Armed Forces containing in-depth knowledge about the Indian Air Force. Finally, to make the book a best outcome of SSBCrack, it contains a section SSBCrack Special which highlights the best tips to tackle the AFCAT. Now your search for an apt book is over and we hope you make the best of this book.

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The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.

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