Territorial Army 2 2016 Question Paper [ORIGINAL]

Territorial army written exam was conducted by the Indian army on 31st July 2016. TA paper consist of two different papers.sections. Paper – I Reasoning and Elementary Mathematics and Paper – II General Knowledge and English. Territorial army 2 2016 question paper consists of 200 marks with 100 marks for each paper. To clear the territorial army written exam, one has to get 40% marks in each paper and 50% marks overall.

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Territorial Army 2 2016 Question Paper Solved

1. The working principal of washing machine is
a. Gravity
b. Centrifugal
c. Dialysis
d. Reverse osmosis
Answer. b
2. Who was the first and the last women ruler of India
a. Chand bibi
b. Noor Jahan
c. Razia Sultan
d. Mumtaz mahal

Answer. c
3. The 15th governer of RBI, Dr Manmohan Singh went on to become the 13th Prime Minister of India. The President of RBI Governor is
a. D Subbarao
b. Raghuram Rajan
c. Bimal Jalan
d. YV Reddy

Answer. b
4. Soft water can easily be identified by its charateristics of
a. Being sweet in taste
b. Being light green in colour
c. Forms lather with soap
d. Boils faster

Answer. c
5. Rain drops are spherical due to
a. Viscosity of water
b. Surface tension
c. Continuous evaporation
d. Air friction

Answer. b
6. The lowest layer of earth atmosphere is
a. Troposphere
b. Exosphere
c. Mesophere
d. Stratosphere

Answer. a
7. Kanchenjunga is the highest mountain peak in India. It is situated on the border between
a. India and Pakistan
b. India and China
c. India and Nepal
d. India and Bhutan

Answer. c
8. Which of the following is responsible for Acid Rain?
a. Smoke
b. Nitrogen
c. Dust
d. Sulphur Dioxide

Answer. d
9. The standard meridian of India is
a. 82 degrees 30′ E
b. 84 degrees 30′ E
c. 72 degrees 30′ E
d. 92 degrees 30′ E

Answer. a
10. which of the following is not a radioactive material?
a. Uranium
b. Radium
c. Plutonium
d. Sodium
Answer. d

Territorial Army 2 2016 Question Paper

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