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6 Missiles Recently Tested By DRDO

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DRDO has been the leading Defense Manufacturing Organizations in India and has a great record of making the best weapons in India. The list is long and every year comes with a new introduction of weapon. Talking about the missiles introduced and enhanced in 2015 and 2016, the list has got something more impressive with advancements and introductions. The organization upgraded some old weapons and defense vehicles and has also manufactured new equipment’s (radars, ammunition and electronics) for Indian Armed Forces. Some of the missiles enhanced by DRDO are

  1. Helina Anti-Tank Missile – A product of DRDO, it is a helicopter version of Anti-Tank Missile NAG developed under Integrated Missile Development Program. The missile has been reported to be integrated with Dhruv helicopter made by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. It was tested in 2015 from HAL Rudra in Jaisalemer Rajasthan. Out of the three targets, two hits correctly, while one missed the shot.
  2. K-4 Missile – The range of 3,500 kms, it is a Submarine Launched Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile. It is made to be integrated with Arihant Class Submarines.  It was successfully test fired from INS Arihant in 2016.
  3. Barak-8 – It is known for the joint venture of India and Israel (known for the some of the best defense manufacturing and MOSSAD). It is a long range Surface-to-Air Missile. It was made to counter aircraft, drones and incoming missile threats. The missile was tested over various targets in 2015 and 2016 and further trials will be taken to make it more accurate.
  4. Astra – Built by DRDO, it is a Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air Missile and more sophisticated than Agni. Talking about its range, it has got 110 km of range and a tail chase range of 20 kms. The new enhanced version of Astra will have increased range and capability.
  5. Akash – It is a Surface to Air Missile build be DRDO, to track and hit any flying aircraft or drone. The range of the missile is 100 kms and was developed as a part of Integrated Guided Missile Development. In January this year, it was tested by three rounds over para-barrel targets.
  6. Agni 5 – Agni family is well known for its new and enhanced versions and arming India with more power with every new entrant. A canister-based trail of Agni-5 was conducted in 2015, which was the third test of the missile and first canister-based trail. Agni 5 will have the range of 5,500 kms and will be an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile.

Conclusion – Missiles are termed as the key defender for the Armed Forces, which are always opted to counter, defend and make a strike over targeted point. India has been in a joint venture with some nations for more enhanced missile systems. S-400 air Defense System is under talks with Russia that will enhance the defense forces to act more in less time. Brahmos missile, the missile named after rivers of India and Russia, was successfully test fired form Su-30 MKI making a new move in the defense arena. These missile will make more destruction and help securing the country from incoming threats and their further enhancement will be make India more strong.

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