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Tips To Perform Well In English Paper in CDS


CDSE 1 2017 is just a few weeks ahead and candidates are preparing hard to clear the examination. But the candidates must follow a strategy to compete in the examination. English is the scoring paper, which aspirants of all services face. So English can be a good part to score. But some candidates find it hard to attempt English paper. So, here we are with some tips to help the aspirants in scoring well in English.

Cloze Test – Cloze test accounts for about 15-20 marks in CDS English paper. It needs your good grammar knowledge to perform well in it. Apart from it you have to read the sentences carefully and opt the right options among the three given options. Another way to increase the performance in cloze test is to read the newspaper daily, which will give you the hint of usage of certain words in the sentences and will help you find the correct match in the sentence.

Sentence Rearrangement – Sentence rearrangement is the very simple as it can be easily solved by just reading the sentences carefully and sequencing them by following the rhythm of their meaning. Firstly, read the first and the last sentences and then read out the other sentences meaningfully by joining the meaning of the sentence to the next sentence.

Editing and Sentence Improvement – These are the most crucial and most difficult part of the CDS exam as most of the candidates lose their marks in this section. If you are not able to find out the mistake in the sentence, then read it out again by concentrating your mind. Here again grammar is a crucial thing to follow.

Passage – The best way to attempt passage in small time is to readout the passage first, get its meaning and then answering the questions. Finding question by matching certain words from the questions to the passage should be avoided. The correct answer is found by getting the meaning of the questions and then choosing answer from the options by the meaning of the question.

Antonym and Synonyms – Antonyms and synonyms are commonly seen in the CDS examination. But CDS 2 2016 doesn’t have these questions in the English paper. Still, the candidates must stay prepared for these kinds of questions. Antonyms and synonyms are based on the memory power of the candidates. These can be solved by just increasing your vocabulary and using new words in your daily speaking and writing habit. Read “The Hindu” newspaper and you will find many new words that can be asked in the examination.

Sources to Follow

  • Newspaper
  • Sample papers and previous year papers
  • Novels and Periodicals

Common Tips

  • Read the sentence again and again to find out the mistake.
  • Go through then meaning of the matter in the passage, rather than matching certain words in questions and passage.
  • Arrange the sentences or words according to the meaning by linking sentences in the sequence.

Conclusion – CDS examination is the gateway to the Armed Forces for many aspirants. So clear the exam, the candidates should score more in English and maths to get over the cutoff, and for OTA aspirants, English is the scoring part of the examination. Like Maths, English also needs constant practice and dedicated efforts. Keep consistent preparation for other papers also, but try to score more in any of the papers. So prepare well and work hard to clear the CDSE 1 2017.

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