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40 Top GK Questions Asked in AFSB Interview

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AFCAT Exam is drawing near and candidates are involved in preparing for the exam. The exam has got G.K. section also in the exam. While G.K is also considered in front up to a level in SSB also.

SSB interview is not totally driven over G.K., but being average in G.K. can raise your impression on the interviewing officer.

Some of the G.K. related questions asked in AFCAT interview are as follows.

  1. Which operation was conducted by India to take over the Siachen glacier? – Operation Meghdoot
  2. Central Air Command of Indian Air Force is situated in?  – Allahabad
  3. Which is the first aircraft indigenously developed by India? – HAL Marut
  4. Who is the only air force officer to be promoted to the five-star rank? – Marshal of Indian Air force Arjan Singh
  5. Hand in hand exercise is conducted between India and? – China
  6. The Karakorum highway connects which countries? – China and Pakistan
  7. Which is the longest highway in India? – NH-7
  8. Radio ways of constant frequency are produced by which device? – Oscillator
  9. Which phenomenon leads to the mirage in deserts? – Total Internal Reflection
  10. In which industry, is the maximum number of women are employed in India? – TEA
  11. Asteroids are found in which 2 planets? – Mars and Jupiter
  12. Name the countries with which India shares its border – Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and China
  13. Which strait links Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal? – Palk Strait
  14. What is the name of Ganga in Bangladesh? – Padma
  15. Mount Everest is located in which country? – Nepal
  16. Which alloy is used for making magnets? – Alnico
  17. Gravitational field is maximum at which place? – at Poles
  18. Which waves have smallest wavelength? – Gamma Rays
  19. What is the SI unit of charge? – Coulomb
  20. The hydrocarbon present in Gobar gas is – Methane

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  21. Balloons are filled with which gas? Helium
  22. What is the maximum temperature measured by a mercury thermometer? 360 degrees
  23. Electric bulb is filled with? – Argon gas 
  24. Which metal is known as king of metals? – Gold
  25. Headquarter of SAARC is in – Kathmandu
  26. Which kind of waves are used by RADAR? – Radio wakes
  27. Which gland doesn’t produce any hormone – Liver
  28. Ozone layer, which is polluted by supersonic jets, is present in which layer of the atmosphere? – Stratosphere
  29. Which metal is used in storage batteries? – Lead
  30. Which state has the largest percentage of reserved parliamentary seats? – Uttar Pradesh
  31. Sky appears blue to the people on the earth’s surface due to which phenomenon? – Scattering of Light
  32. How many bits are there in a nibble? – 4 bits
  33. The storage capacity of a floppy disk is – 1.44 MB
  34. Who is the father of the computer? – Charles Babbage.
  35. The Indian air force day is celebrated on – 8th October
  36. Who was the first women to be conferred with Bharat Ratna – Indira Gandhi
  37. Which Indian sports personality is known as Payyoli Express – P.T. Usha
  38. How many Rafale jets will India get in India France deal – 36 Aircraft
  39. Which aircraft is nicknamed as Shamsher in India – Jaguar Aircraft
  40. Kalavari Submarine belongs to which class? – Scorpene class

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Conclusion – G.K. plays a significant role in the SSB interview. Those candidates who have passed AFCAT exam nee dot have a fair hand in G.K and prominent subjects of their graduation field. The above question have been asked from the candidates to check their basic General knowledge and some of these question were also probed further. So, candidates should take a hint form these questions and prepare for their SSB interview.

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