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AFCAT 2 2017 Age Limits

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AFCAT 2 2017 is the next opportunity for the Air Force aspirants. The opportunity is the route for the aspirants to join the Indian Air Force in different departments. The Air Force authorities have frames an eligibility criteria in order to give maximum opportunities to the aspirants. Most of the candidates possess the educational qualification that is required for the exam. But age limit has always been a point of concern for the candidates. The lower limit of the age is 20 years, while the upper limit is different as per the requirement of the branches. To clear the dilemma of the candidates regarding the age limits of AFCAT 2 2017, we have given a short gist of the age range for different branches of the Air Force.

Flying Branch – The age limit for the flying branch is from 20-24 years as on 1 July 2018 or the candidates’ date of birth must fall between 02 July 1995 to 01 July 1998 including both the dates. The candidate having valid and Current Commercial Pilot License issued by DGCA (India) can apply for the exam till the age of 26 i.e. their date of birth must fall between 02 January 1992 to 01 January 1998 including both the dates.

Technical – For this branch, the age required as per the eligibility criteria is 20-26 years as on 1 July 2018. Precisely, the date of birth of the candidate must fall between 02 July 1992 to 01 July 1998 including both the dates.

Ground Duty – The age range for Ground duty is 20-26 years as on 1 July 2018 i.e. the age of the candidate must come between 02 July 1992 to 01 July 1998.

Conclusion – AFCAT 2 2017 will come with the success letter of many aspirants and the aspirants will get the chance to join the elite organization. The age limit of the exam is the major query of most of the candidates so the above summary related to eh age limit of the exam will remove all kinds of doubts of the aspirants regarding the age limit of AFCAT 2 2017.  So, check your eligibility for the exam, start preparation and give your best this time.

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