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CDSE II 2017 Solid Last Week Preparation Tips by Indus Academics

The Question with any UPSC standard exam is “How to crack it”! Worries amongst CDSE Aspirants are on extreme high as Exam date is only a week away! Calm down Guys, You are doing fine ! Believe in yourself! Anxiety is fine, stress is not!

As UPSC combined Defence services exam (CDS-II) 2017 is going to be held on November 19, 2017, exactly a week from now. The right kind of preparation in the last few days can yield excellent results, whereas unplanned and haphazard revision can cause you to score badly in the exam.

The most general query we receive as an Institution of repute is  -“ What to do in the last week before the exam? How to revise quickly? What about Finishing touch? Can I boost my score in last 7 days ”?

The answer from our side is “ YES, You can!” Focus more on strengthening your weak points as you have already have a good command over your strengths. Indus Academics has come up with Unique Subject wise  Approach for crack CDSE-II 2017 Exam after SWOT Analysis of various Parameters concerned with UPSC Exams Including CDSE/CAPF etc.

Let’s have a Subject wise preparation strategy  in the last week :


Make a 2- page list of Important articles + schedule items +Major judgements+ Unique provisions  associated to these articles.(Similar to what we Indus did for Quality Improvement Program for CDSE-II 2017). Make a list of Important political amendments+ Bills +constitutional provisions+ Committes + commissions in News. Solve 15 Master questions related to each major topics of Polity like DPSP/FR’s/ Preamble / Parliament / Bills/Local & Urban government/Constitutional –Non constitutional bodies etc. (You must do this strategy to ensure minimum 50% accuracy in Polity Questions of UPSC CDSE paper). You can download CDSE (II) 2017 Quality Improvement Program Polity Sample Questions  from here:


Economics: (Very Important: can be revised in 7-8 hours)

Focus on Banking Reforms +RBI steps + Monetary policy related terms. Make a list of major economic policies + fiscal measures taken by government along with clear definition of terms like GDP/NDP/ GNP/ NP/NNP etc. Revise the list of popular terms of Economic survey +Union budget+ current economic initiatives. (You can download sample QIP Program Question and discussion from here:


Environment and ecology: Not much important for CDSE exam although basic terms like Eutrophication / Bioaccumulation /DDT etc must be kept in mind.

Science and technology: No need to read static portion except NCERTs. Just watch Science Tech Questions discussion series on Indus Academics YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCG562LvPO8) and quickly recap Indus Science Tech terms in news Booklet “Sanjeevni-Booti”. Focus on biology and public health type topics first, then cover basics of chemistry and physics.

Note:  Must revise Indus Current Affairs booklet for Science & Technology which consists of Health, Space, Defence, Technologies in news for last one year.


History:  Focus on 20th Century till 1947 then read 1857 till end of 19th Century. After that, start with ancient India. Read Sufism, Bhakti, art, culture etc in the medieval portion. Indus Academics has already put master Question discussion Video on Modern History of QIP (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FR0HlK1IAc) which is more than sufficient to score in CDSE-II 2019.


Defense: This is most scoring section in CDSE paper .Cover all the Missiles/Technology/DRDO  & ISRO achievements , inventions, joint exercise, etc. which are generally directly asked. Even one hour of study can let you get 4-5 questions correct easily. You can read Defense/Inetrnal security  Compilation from Indus Science and Tech Current Affair booklet. Watch Security videos at Indus Academics YouTube channel.

International Relations: Mostly current Affairs based. Scoring and Investment-output ratio is quite high for this section. Cover all major Summits like SAARC, Disputes like OBOR etc to score high in this section. You can also watch Indus Academics channel for Important International Affairs in News exclusively for CDSE-II 2017 compiled by Indus Mentor & UPSC Exam Expert Er. Kunal Singh. 

Sports/Person In News: Quickly go through current affairs from these areas using any handouts. These are questions involving prominent persons such as who is CEO of NITI Aayog/CBI Chief/BBB head etc, who won the recently concluded world cup T20, etc. Generally CDSE paper ask at least  one such question .Indus Academics channel has also compiled List of Person in News which can be used to cover all in 20 minutes. 

Geography: Focus on  Indian Economic Geography (Industries Location/ Minerals / Tranport /Infrastructure). Then cover Physicsal Indian Geography with Climate+ vegetation which will ensure more than 60% score in Geography section. You can also solve Indus “Sanjeevni-Booti” Booklet which is actually compilation of Quality MCQ’s along with current Affairs.

Mathematics: A Unique   quality Improvement Program Mathematics videos will definitely be helpful where Team Indus Mathematic Expert Moksh Goyal has elaborated some exclusive qualitative question for recap

Note: Students should focus on covering current affairs related to Economics,  Science, Defence and International relations. Special emphasis needs to be given to static part of Modern History and Polity in order to score high in GS paper. Aspirants can download relevant CDSE Study material as well as list of Important terms in News from Indus academics website www.indusacademics.in

Good luck from Team Indus Academics. Wish You all the best for Exam.

Watch Video solution/Explanation of CDSE II paper 2017 on Indus Academics YouTube channel a day after CDSE (II) 2017.

For more preparation material call  induskc@gmail.com 
 0172-4014825 , +91-8264579087, +91-8264357356 +91-9872007750

The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.
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