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How To Prepare for AFSB Interview After Clearing AFCAT

There is no much difference in the testing procedure of AFSB and SSB. However, AFSB looks for qualities in a candidate more specifically, that explains the high cut-off for AFSB marks rather than NSB/SSB. In Air Force, men deal with high tech machinery and technology which needs to be handled with utmost care. Hence, a much more responsible person is preferred in the Air Force than in the other services.

There are many articles which gives tips on how to clear AFSB. In this article, we will show you what you need to do apart from doing what is written in these articles. Here is how to prepare for AFSB interview after clearing AFCAT:

  • The preparation should start from the personality analysis because SSB needs a reflection of your very own personality rather than copying it of someone else. So one should know himself or herself first.
  • Start taking responsibility for even the smallest of things – like filling water bottles at home, washing your own clothes, etc.
  • Start reading newspapers if you do not already. It will cover your verbal skills and current affairs. Also, it will keep you updated on the latest happenings in the defence sector. Do read about the latest acquisition of the IAF, so you know the latest procurement and future procurement of the IAF.
  • Try to be with a group of people for at least 2-3 hrs daily, be it your co-workers or friends. This will improve your confidence to speak up in people and will make you more adaptable.
  • Keep yourself organized, even your thoughts, your daily routine, your study table, your book shelf – everything. This will inculcate a sense of discipline in you.
  • STOP WATCHING MOVIES. Yes, this is a must. At least a month before your AFSB, stop watching movies as they affect your rational thinking and decision making ability. You tend to imagine something which the movie portrays as possible but is impossible in real. Instead, try watching positive videos and news.
  • Similarly, at least before a month of your AFSB, eliminate all negativity from around you. Stop being with negative people and stop thinking negative. I suggest you read positive stories on The Better India.
  • If you have applied for Pilot, start playing video games for 12-13 hrs daily for a month to improve your psychomotor skills.
  • You need to know some basic things about Air Force like its commands, ranks and aircrafts and missiles.
  • You must start practicing running, jogging and mild cardio exercises in order to increase stamina and physical endurance.
  • You must be aware in everything about your family members, friends and their good and bad qualities.
  • More importantly, know about yourself in depth, your likes, dislikes, good and bad qualities, reason of joining Air force. If you have a certain hobby or like to play a game you must be aware about it fully. If you have played something on some good level then you are expected to know about the rules in detail and about major tournaments and players of that sport. You should be aware of your percentage in 10th, 12th, UG and PG. You must also be having good knowledge about you subject studied in the Graduation, B.Tech etc
  • I suggest doing a SWOT analysis of self to have much better self-introspection. Your retrospection and introspection are necessary. Make a routine and include all required action in it. Once the weak areas are rectified, then it’s very simple to reflect the personality rectified with OLQ’s in whatever you do in SSB. These are the simple mantra of preparation.

Things to take care of before reporting for AFSB:

  • Make sure you have all the documents and the photocopies of every document as exactly mentioned on your call up letter. Make sure you have your admit card of AFCAT. This is very much important.
  • Take you extracurricular and sports certificates also along with you, neatly arranged in a folder.
  • Check up with your tickets and reservations well in advance if you have to travel a long distance and buses are not available. Make sure that you arrange for your own accommodation in case you report early.
  • Read the past 6 months current affairs to be sure to know at least 5 each of major national, international and sports news. In the interview you might be asked to tell the latest happenings in the world.
  • Carry 1 Pair Formal Shoes, 1 Pair Casual Shoes, 1 Pair White Shoes (GTO), 1 Pair Slippers. Similarly, carry 2 Pairs Formal Dress, 2 Pairs of GTO Dress, 2-3 Pairs of Casual clothing.

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