How Shameless Arunachal Police Almost Killed Two Indian Army Jawans

Army and Police both are important aspects of our country and both are playing an important role in the security of our country. Since a few days, we are hearing about the unfortunate incident which had happened in Arunachal Pradesh, where Arunachal state police arrested two Indian army serving jawans and almost killed them and made them disabled. The later events are even more dramatic and there are different versions of the stories. But with time, we can clearly see the unprofessionalism of the state police and them spreading the fake and one-sided stories to tarnish the image of the Indian army. On the other hand, as we all know, the army is always to the point and clearly differentiate between right or wrong. The army has a clear-cut procedure and action in place to punish the guilty through the proper court of inquiry. The state police, IAS and IPS associations are spreading one-sided narrative killing all the facts and logic as if they have some old enmity with the army.

In this article, we are going to clarify all the drama from IPS and IAS association who behaved in a childish way and exposed themselves. We are going to provide all the facts, figures and documents of these stories, all these documents are coming from the Army as the state police have nothing but just words and biased media reports. We will point out everything here for the general public to decide.

What does the law say?

Indian Army soldiers and officers are generally law-abiding and necessity of their arrest does not arise. If, however, an army soldier / officer has done a “serious crime” warranting his arrest, officer’s Commanding Officer has to informed in advance or at the first given opportunity. The case is generally taken over by Army and necessary disciplinary action is taken against the defaulter.

The Arunachal Police Narrative:

  • The soldiers were drunk and disturbing the local crowd – These are just allegation and no such proof was given to the army.
  • The soldiers disturbed the police station and damaged the property – This response of soldiers was initiated by the local police by insulting the senior officers of the Arunachal Scout when they were polity requesting them and telling them about the law.
  • No proof of their story was provided by the Arunachal Police.
  • All the local media has printed the one-sided story and surprisingly they choose not to mention about the army soldiers with broken bones, this clearly shows the biased reporting from the local media which is directly under the local police. …SMH
  • Bunch of local ladies woke up and joined the protest just for the sake of it and have no clue about the incident, so the local police know that the women victim card works every time.
  • In short, the local police have no clue about what are rules and regulation and they were caught up with the army, they are simply clueless and doing whatever they can to save their image. But they did not even apologize for almost killing two army jawans till death. The ego of state police is so high that they are not accepting the crime they have committed by breaking the same law which they promise to protect.

Laws were broken by Arunachal Police:

  • Beating two humans brutally just because they were drunk and disturbing the local crowd (simply based on allegations).
  • Beating two Indian army jawan till death who are in service. (what is the difference between enemy nation and state police)
  • Not obeying Army Act and Section 475. (they are simply clueless about laws)
  • Insulting an Indian army officer of  Col. rank also commanding officer of Arunachal Scouts. (no respect for other professions, local people and what not, that is why the image of local police is always bad)

Till date IAS and IPS associations have said nothing about the soldiers who were thrashed by the local police, even when they know it is a criminal act, no one has apologized till date.

Actions of  Col Firdosh Dubash

  • Col Firdosh Dubash simply and clearly warned them about their actions when he saw his boys in such a condition.
  • The local police insulted  Col Firdosh Dubash time and again and he only reacted when he saw his boys broken from head to toe.
  • Col Firdosh Dubash trained under a prestigious institute followed what he has learned, his boys are more important than anything and he simply reacted in the way which shows how serious he is.

The IPS and IAS association are simply tweeting the video of Col Firdosh Dubash and this looks so childish, IPS and IAS official pages are acting like daily soap ladies to cry about another oganisation which they don’t like. IPS and IAS associations shamelessly spreading the one-sided story to tarnish the image of Indian army but they got trolled by the general public. It would have been better if IAS and IPS associations shown some spine to condemn the actions of the local police. IAS and IPS associations have clearly made it like a war between police vs army by showing their immature and biased nature. Nowhere we have seen ADGPI coming out and fighting on Twitter, indeed army has a lot of productive work to do on the daily basis.

IPS Association is simply uploading the warning of CO to the people who almost killed his boys. IPS association has not apologized till now for the criminal behavior of the local police which is shameful on their part.


Medical Reports of a jawan

Well, the police broke the law and blaming army with just words and no solid evidence, but here we have the medical reports of two jawans who got beaten brutally by the Arunachal Police. You can read the reports and ask yourself if any policeman in his right mind would beat someone like this who is just drunk? or is it done because the local police do not like the army?

Army Soliders Beaten by Police

Local Associations from Arunachal Pradesh telling a different story

FIR by Col Firdosh Dubash

Now you decide, the police which is suppose to maintain the law and order is acting like a thug and on the other hand, army which is known for his professionalism is targeted by internal politics, the sad part is, the army officers can not even come out in open to put their side in the public, that is what make us repect the army more than any other organisation. Do share this article with others because there are many media portals and even official IPS and IAS associations shamelessly targetting the Indian army.

For more details read this: Shameless Arunachal Pradesh Police Manhandled Army Jawans, Got Warning From CO

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