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Shameless NDTV Editor Nidhi Sethi Celebrating The Death of CRPF Jawans

Nidhi Sethi NDTV Mocked CRPF JawansNDTV deputy news editor Nidhi Sethi mocked the martyred CRPF Jawans and all she gets was a 2 weeks suspension, there won’t be any surprise if she gets a promotion after two weeks. NDTV had to apologise in pressure but we all know they don’t really mean it. We already know NDTV which speaks for anti-nationals and now we can clearly see how this culture is followed in their own organisation, what do NDTV want to make? an anti-national network, funded by India’s enemies. On the other hand, the so-called big reporters like Barkha Dutt was praised by a terrorist like Hafiz Saeed and now Nidhi Sethi shamelessly mocking the death of our CRPF Jawans. Congratulations Nidhi Sethi, you just got paid leaves for two weeks for mocking for CRPF martyrs. You Shameless. Pathetic.


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