Cleared CDS SSB Interview In 3rd Attempt

I am G. Pavan Babu from Andhra Pradesh and I am pleased to share my experience and also gratified to say that I am first in the family to have the opportunity of joining the army. It took me three attempts to get recommended. I was conference out in my first attempt and screened out in my second attempt. I feel I was quite an ordinary candidate for SSB with a civilian background and completed my graduation in BSC (computer science). So I am writing this because I feel there were so many aspirants like me feel motivated and make it one day. After my second attempt I got the call letter I had my SSB interview on 13 Dec at Allahabad, after my AFPA joining at Nagpur. In AFPA I learnt so many thing specially life lessons I can proudly say I am the student of Commander Natarajan sir. Here I Joined for CDS+SSB coaching and stayed here for 3 months and this is the place I changed a lot as a person. And I want to say that Personality cannot be coached but it can be groomed.

There are so many SCR called SSB Coaching Centers in India for SSB but AFPA is the academy where personality can be groomed and there is lot of difference between the best choice and the right choice and I felt AFPA is the right choice for me and I got recommended. I would like to thank commander Natarajan and other faculty members for helping me to meet the love of my life.

Day 1: Total 200 of us reported at SSB Allahabad after an OIR Test we were shown a hazy picture of an elephant and half of it legs submerged in water and 3 of them sitting on its top. I made a story on rescue mission. I also narrate the story well with confidence and in group Discussion I spoke only twice after an hour, results were announced; total 30 candidates were screened in. I would like to tell good narration and a healthy discussion and 80+ OIR helps you to get screen in.

Day 2: I made very simple stories on all the pictures that were shown. This time I penned down whatever was the first thought that come to my mind. In blank story I wrote about my experience and organizing basketball tournament in my college days.

WAT: I did all the 60 WATS.I focused on making observational response and some factual responses.

SRT: I attempted 33 SRT’S with detailed situations.

SD: What I felt about SD is ,It is the main crunch of the psyche part and SD is about knowing yourself including aspects like strengths and weakness.

After the last, I was not satisfied with my performance because my SRT’s are not up to the mark. And tragically my interview was on the same day. I was bit nervous and had to wait for some hours, I entered the room with wishing the IO who was the president of the board. He welcomed me with a smile. And started talking about my previous attempts and how the journey and first question was:

1: What is name of the train by which you travelled?

Ans: I straightly said I forgot it.

Here I have the chance to say anything but I tried to be honest.

GTO DAY 1: GTO gets easier when the group is cooperative, when you have the knowledge regarding topics and you are good at communication skill and ability to influence the group with your valid point and we have to speak with confidence and most important thing is try to be a good listener, I spoke 4-5 time in both.

In GPE I observed the planning board very carefully and I figure it out where the Junctions are there I the map and calculate the distance from one place to another place and how much time it will take to reach the place by vehicles and GTO handed the story scripts to us and I read it twice and related everything and wrote my plan effectively and actively participated in GD while writing below  plan mention time ,distance and resources and  how you utilize the group effectively is more important.

In GOR I cheered my group with the GUNTHA LAKAOI GULA GULA GULA. This is new to everyone in my group but everyone accepted it and GTO also appreciated our war cry and every one enjoyed the whole taste.

In PGT, HGT, FGT I had given my ideas and accepted the ideas of other. Here it is not how you did it ,

it is about how you help them or lead them and how you behave in your group. Your motive in all the task that you perform in GTO should be based on the benefits of your group as a whole  rather than your personal benefits.

In lecture I spoke on the topic Honoree thrilling. Do practice in front of the mirror and front of your friends.

GTO day 2: In command task I was the last called for CT got a round task to so be with 3 approaches with my subordinates. I completed with all the 3 possible ways. In FGT I gave my ideas and we completed it in time.

Interview: After these he have me all the questions of the rapid fire in one go just as he finished I started answering. One point to say in interview for questions, it is not about what we supply that matters. It is all about what the demand is. And we have to answer right filled answers not the best filled one to the questions which were asked by the interviewer and secondly the body language also plays an important role. Here everyone can communicate but few connect and analysis your PIQ as much as you can and try to bring out all the possible question from the PIQ and prepare for that.

Conference: I entered and wished the president. My IO asked me about my performance in the SSB and told me to rate and I said I performed well in each and every task.

Then IO asked me How famous is your name?

Ans: Then I said 1: operation pawan in shrilanka, Pawan Hans, pawan is equal to Air Force.

Result: Results was announced after 20 minutes. We all are waiting with excitement, the officer announced results. I couldn’t believe my ears when my chest no. was announced I was so ecstatic and no words to describe.

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