Recommended For ACC 119 – Army Cadet College

Hey future officers, I am Sepoy Muni, I got recommended from 11 SSB Allahabad for ACC 119 in my second attempt. I want to share a few most important lines before explaining my SSB experience. Honesty never fails, confident and cheerfulness comes by your preparations. I was screened out in my 1st attempt and that’s where I felt the real pain of failure and as well as the spark of my success. I would like to thank SSBCrack for motivating me many success stories of different people. Now I reported at the centre on the 2nd of March. The next day was screening day and I had prepared well for my OIR with a help of SSBCRACK’ S Ebooks and R.S Agarwal book and that helped to score more than 90 out of 100.

In PPDT I observed all the instructions, changed negative situations to a positive and a simple story. Before entering the test hall I myself narrated the story for more than 20 times. During narration I was courageous and confident, so my group nominated me to give the story of my group. I was pretty sure about my screening.. we 39 got the screening in – out of 108 candidates.

The next day happened my psych test and personal interview.
In psych test I had put my self in all the pictures and made simple stories with adequate actions. I completed all 60 WAT and 39 SRT questions.
My interview took 45 to 50 min. I answered the questions with full confidence. My request to all of you is to analyse yourself and follow that in an honest way.

My GTO was very joyful. I gave ideas and chance to others too. I was not stressed by my accessors, but I was total with my group. My conference went 2 to 3 min where I was asked a very normal question. Finally, I got a positive result…Here I want to thank col MP sir who guided me till the end of my SSB. Only you and your hard work decide your success. Thanks a lot.

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