War Machines: A Peek Into The Newly Inducted Apache Attack Choppers

In a major boost to Indian defence, the Indian Air force (IAF) and the Indian Army are scheduled to receive four batches of the Apache attack helicopter. The IAF has already received two batches.

Boeing’s Apache Guardian formally inducted into the IAF

What Is So Special About The Apache?

The Apache attack helicopter is widely regarded as the world most elite attack chopper and has been used extensively by the United States and Israel in their military campaigns. The original Apache AH-64 was built as a four-blade, twin-engine attack chopper serving as the primary attack chopper for the worlds most powerful military’s.

Apaches Turbo-shaft Engine

Tale of The Tape

The Apache boasts a 2X GE T-700 turbo-shaft engine; the chopper is armed with 16X laser-guided Hellfire missiles, Hydra general purpose 70 mm rockets and a 30 mm automatic cannon. The chopper is operated by a two-person crew comprising of a pilot and a gunner.

Hellfire Missiles along with a 30 mm cannon

Developed To Destroy Tanks

The Apache was developed during the cold war to locate and destroy enemy tanks from a considerable distance. The reason for the creation o this devastating machine was NATO’s (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) fear of a Soviet Tank attack in Germany.

Apache attack chopper in action
Destroyed T-55 battle tank during the gulf war

Combat History

The Apache attack helicopter was first deployed during the US invasion of Panama in 1989 and subsequently saw combat in the First Gulf War in 1991. Following the gulf war, these elite attack choppers have been deployed by the US and allied nations in the War against Terror in Afghanistan and against the Islamic State (ISIS) since 2014.

20 Taliban killed in Apache air strike
First Apache inducted into IAF

Enhancing India’s Firepower

The induction of the Apache’s in the IAF and Indian Army will serve to boost India’s modernisation efforts, and pack a punch to both Army and IAF’s ageing arsenal.

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