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Recommended 2 Times for INET and CDS Entry


‘It is not the destination that makes you delighted, it is the journey which made you worthy’. Hello readers. I still remember the moment when chest number 31 was called to stand separately. SSBCRACK has proved pathbreaking effective in my journey. I feel dutiful to contribute my experience for readers of SSBCRACK

The most important formula that I followed throughout the phase of preparation, is that ‘ You must believe that you are an officer, then only you will become’.  Each and every step of your life will guide you to be successful in the SSB interview. And it is never too early, to start preparing for Armed Forces. 

I reported for the INET entry in Indian Navy. The first batch of pilots, in 12 SSB Bangalore.

Starting from the first day, the OIR test went very well. Then came the PPDT. Regardless of the story, narration and discussion is the most important thing. My narration went flawless and during the discussion, I was bearing a continuing smile ( Just a good Habit). Contributed 5 times and the group went to a common story. 

The point is, it doesn’t matter if you speak more, it will if you influence very well. 

Then came the Psychological Testing. TAT and WAT went well. But the SRTs often stand tricky. So I went very fast in solving them and luckily was able to solve 60. There were many candidates who solved 45+ SRTs and got recommended with me. So it is not about the quantity. 

GTO went very well for our group. With the positive vibes and enthusiasm GD, PGE, PGT, HGT went very nice for all of us. The CT is a bit nasty task. You must choose good candidates for the task, the GTO will keep you all pressurised, but remaining calm under situations does help.

PI goes different for all candidates. But a tip for sure. PI is all about what you know and how you answer when you don’t know. So go through the SSBCRACK blog, you will find mostly asked questions and try to answer them in front of the mirror or a friend of yours. So, the more you sweat in preparation, the less will you bleed in PI.

And the D-Day came. Everybody knows how their SSB went and who is getting the stars for life. But keep in mind, Conferences do make you recommended if you keep your OLQs available for situations. In my whole SSB, I was smiling in the faces of my colleagues. But in the conference, my nerves got better of me and I left my smile. But as I got a chance to make a comeback, I wore my smile again and faced the questions. And believe me guys, my IO came to congratulate after the result and said, ‘ you need to do something about your smile’. So there must have been a long discussion about my smiling face. XD

A whole lot of things like these I kept in my mind and got my recommendation in my 1st screening in. And went to attempt my CDS SSB at the same board and cleared SSB one more time. 

Wish you all the very best guys. See you all in the arms.

The Editorial Team at SSBCrack consists of professional writers, journalists and defence aspirants.



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