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Officers Training Academy Chennai Passing Out Parade 30 July 2022

The Reviewing Officer complimented the officer cadets and Staff of the OTA on the excellent all-round standards achieved.

A total of 125 Gentlemen Cadets and 41 Women Cadets were commissioned in various Arms and Services of Indian Army at an impressive Passing Out Parade (POP) held at India’s premium defence training establishment Officers Training Academy (OTA) here on Saturday.

Sword of Honour was won by Senior Under Officer A Vishwa Kumar. The winner of the OTA Gold Medal was Battalion Cadet Adjutant Neha Sharma. OTA Silver Medal was won by Academy Under Officer Abhinav. OTA Bronze Medal was won by Academy Cadet Adjutant Krishnakumar.

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Four Gentlemen Cadets and 26 Women Cadets from friendly foreign countries also successfully completed their training.

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An impressive military parade on the revered Parmeshwaran Drill Square at OTA marked the commissioning of the SSC-113, SSC(W)-27 and equivalent courses

The impressive drill of Officer Cadets marching to enthralling martial tunes left the
audience spell bound. It was a proud moment for the officer cadets and their parents, as also the Instructors and Administrative Staff of Academy, who over the last 11 months of integrated training have seen the transformation of these proud men and women into future leaders of the
Indian Army.

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The Parade was reviewed by Major General Abdulla Shamaal, Chief of Defence Forces, Maldieves National Defence Forces, who also presented the Sword of Honour to the best all round cadet and meritorious medals to the toppers.

The Reviewing Officer complimented the officer cadets and Staff of the OTA on the excellent all round standards achieved.

He exhorted the Passing out cadets to always adhere to the core military values of ‘Selfless Service to the Nation’ and strive for excellence in all their endeavours.

The immaculate parade was followed by pipping ceremony in which the newly commissioned officers, wearing the shining star on their shoulders, swore allegiance to the country and the Constitution of India as they stepped out of the portals of the OTA, committing to ‘Serve with Honour’ to safeguard the Honour of their country.

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