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Meet Lieutenant Gaurav Yadav, Sword Of Honour IMA December 2023

Lieutenant Yadav cracked the NDA exam in his last attempt and went on to win the President's Gold Medal in the NDA 143rd course last year.

Lieutenant Gaurav Yadav, originating from Alwar, Rajasthan, showcased an exceptional blend of dedication and skill at the Indian Military Academy‘s (IMA) passing out parade in Dehradun on Saturday. He was conferred with the prestigious Sword of Honour and the Gold Medal for being the ‘Officer Cadet Standing First in Order of Merit’.

Gaurav Yadav IMA
Lieutenant Gaurav Yadav joined 1/11 unit of the Gorkha Rifles

A native of Jojor-Baas village, Lieutenant Yadav, the son of a small farmer, has risen through the ranks with his relentless hard work and the guidance of his elder brother, Vineet Kumar, a Naik in the Indian Army. His brother’s advice was crucial in overcoming initial setbacks, especially after his early attempts at joining the National Defence Academy (NDA) were unsuccessful.

Embracing his brother’s insights, Lieutenant Yadav cracked the NDA exam in his last attempt and went on to win the President’s Gold Medal in the NDA 143rd course last year.

Gaurav Yadav
Lt. Gaurav Yadav at NDA Passing Out Parade, earned the Gold Medal in his NDA days

Lieutenant Yadav’s dream of joining the army dates back to his early school days. He expressed to TOI, “I was determined to don the olive green uniform since class 6, inspired by village boys training for the army recruitment test.”

His path was marked by significant personal choices, such as foregoing an opportunity to join IIT after clearing the entrance exam, a fact he kept hidden from his family until he joined the NDA.

Lieutenant Gaurav Yadav Sword Of Honour
Lieutenant Gaurav Yadav Sword Of Honour

Lieutenant Yadav’s future in the military promises to be illustrious, as he is set to join the 1/11 unit of the Gorkha Rifles regiment, a unit linked to the heroic Captain Manoj Pandey who made the ultimate sacrifice during the Kargil war.

The IMA’s passing out parade also celebrated the achievements of other cadets. Sourabh Badhani was awarded the silver medal for ranking second in the Order of Merit, while Alok Singh claimed the bronze medal. In the Technical Graduate Course, Ajay Pant was bestowed the Silver Medal for standing first in the Order of Merit. Sailesh Bhatta from Nepal received the Bangladesh Medal for being the top cadet from friendly foreign countries.

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