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NewsIndian Army's 'Know Your Army' Initiative Inspires Young Minds in Dharamshala and...

Indian Army’s ‘Know Your Army’ Initiative Inspires Young Minds in Dharamshala and Yol

The 'Know Your Army' initiative was met with enthusiastic responses from both the children and teachers. Ms. Sunita Sharma, a teacher from Cantt Board School, expressed her gratitude, saying, "This visit has been incredibly enlightening for our students.

In a commendable effort to ignite young minds and foster a deeper understanding of the Indian Army, 72 children and 8 teachers from Jagori NGO in Dharamshala and Cantt Board School in Yol participated in the ‘Know Your Army’ initiative. The event included visits to Yol Fort Museum, Military Hospital (MH) Yol, and Somnath Park, along with an impressive weapon display.

The initiative aimed to provide the students and teachers with a firsthand experience of military life and operations, enhancing their knowledge and appreciation of the Indian Army’s role in national security and community service. The event was meticulously organized, ensuring that the participants could fully engage with and benefit from the experience.

The day began with a visit to the historic Yol Fort Museum, where the children and teachers were given a guided tour. They learned about the rich history of the Indian Army, its various regiments, and the significant battles that have shaped the nation.

The museum’s exhibits, including artifacts, photographs, and detailed narratives, offered a fascinating glimpse into the Army’s storied past.


Following the museum visit, the group proceeded to Military Hospital Yol. Here, they were introduced to the medical services provided by the Army. The hospital staff demonstrated various medical procedures and explained the importance of health and hygiene, especially in challenging environments.

This visit highlighted the Army’s commitment not only to defense but also to the welfare and medical care of its personnel and the broader community.

The next stop was Somnath Park, a serene and beautifully maintained area within the military cantonment.

The park visit provided a relaxing interlude, allowing the children and teachers to interact with soldiers and learn about their daily routines and responsibilities. The informal setting encouraged open dialogue, with many children asking questions about the soldiers’ experiences and the challenges they face.

A significant highlight of the day was the weapon display organized for the visitors. The children and teachers were thrilled to see a variety of weapons and equipment used by the Indian Army. Soldiers explained the specifications and functions of each weapon, providing insights into their operational use.


This interactive session not only educated the participants about military technology but also instilled a sense of respect and admiration for the Army’s capabilities.

The ‘Know Your Army’ initiative was met with enthusiastic responses from both the children and teachers. Ms. Sunita Sharma, a teacher from Cantt Board School, expressed her gratitude, saying, “This visit has been incredibly enlightening for our students.

They have gained a much deeper understanding of the Indian Army’s dedication and hard work. It’s an experience they will cherish for a long time.”

Captain Rajesh Singh, who coordinated the event, emphasized the importance of such initiatives. “Our goal is to bridge the gap between the Army and the civilian population, especially the younger generation. By showcasing our history, operations, and daily life, we hope to inspire these young minds and instill a sense of pride and patriotism,” he stated.

The children, brimming with excitement and curiosity, shared their thoughts on the experience. “I always wanted to know more about the Army, and today I got to see so much. The weapons were amazing, and talking to the soldiers was very inspiring,” said Rohan, a student from Jagori NGO.


The ‘Know Your Army’ initiative in Dharamshala and Yol is part of a broader effort by the Indian Army to engage with communities and educate the public about its role and contributions. Such programs are vital in fostering a strong connection between the armed forces and the civilian population, promoting mutual understanding and respect.

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